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  1. Has anyone gotten officially rejected without even an interview ? Or are they just sending rejections all together
  2. I have been in contact with the admission office sending them updates of my hours ! fingers crossed
  3. Hi so I applied around September and its April this was my first choice . Is it safe to say I didn't get accepted ? I have received no interview nothing at all
  4. people starting to get interviews but I didn't hear anything yet
  5. Same I haven't heard a word kinda anxious I know they are super competitive .
  6. nerve-wracking* / also the tour is around the entire campus so wear shoes that are comfy.
  7. So I have gotten a few messages on how was the interview process. The interview process was to me nerve ranking. I was super nervous, but I think I just reminded myself of why I wanted to do this and clearly just had my WHY in my head. go in there humble, grateful, and ready to show them why you want them to pick you. Be the real you and ask questions! The group activity and Essay were a part of the interview! For the Essay focus on the content and for the activity try your best to show your interpersonal strengths. Be you and I truly mean they are awesome!
  8. At Suny7788 I applied in late July and received my interview for sept 14 and received acceptance 11/29 also I think you still have a shot
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