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  1. Thanks for the advice. I will consider everyone's opinion and make a decision soon
  2. Thank you for pointing it out. I agree, this kind of thinking will not benefit my growth as a clinician. Since there are many crossovers in different specialties, I will try to obtain as many experiences as I can in every rotation. Both programs have an excellent reputation and a similar PANCE passing rate. After discussing this matter with multiple practitioners, many of them pointed out the value of personal growth. Moving and adapting to a brand new culture will lead to change and change leads to growth. MEDEX does have lower tuition costs, but being uncomfortable in Chicago will pr
  3. Thank you for replying to my post. I appreciate an alumni's input. My biggest concern for attending MEDEX is the lack of choice in clinical specialties. Since I want to work in EM, spending four months in FM won't be very beneficial for my education. Also, MEDEX has fewer elective rotations than Rush. I'm not sure the extra 22k is worth it for the extra clinical experience? Will those experiences make me a better clinician? I understand the fear and loneliness when moving to a new city. I'm a first-generation immigrant. Moving to US at the age of 14 was hard, but I adapted and integrated.
  4. Hello everyone, After a stressful interview cycle, I am fortunate enough to be accepted to both MEDEX Seattle and Rush Chicago. I'm trying to decide which program to attend. I live in Seattle, my parents/friends can be my support system. In my clinical year, I can move back home to save on rent money when I move to my rotation sites. I love traveling and meeting new people. Attending PA program in Chicago will be such an adventure. Also, Rush's class size is significantly smaller MEDEX's (30 vs 50). My background is in EM and I'm planning to practice in EM after graduation. Due to th
  5. Accepted! Can't wait to meet y'all. Should we start a Facebook page? Not sure how it works
  6. I got two separate emails about the initial screening and completion.
  7. i was verified on June 10th and passed initial screening on June 13th
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