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  1. I've been an EM PA in California for the past 3 years. I'm an EM:RAP/Urgent Care RAP subscriber and I've attended The Center for Medical Education's two EM bootcamps...and that's about it. Have any of you taken great CME courses or workshops you'd recommend? I'm particularly interested in courses on radiology interpretation, EKG interpretation and skills workshops (LP's, paracenteses, etc). Thanks!
  2. I've been working in Emergency Medicine for a year and a half out of school. I've learned a lot and I love the autonomy and variety of EM, but the hours are crushing my soul. My wife works full time and I have a 3-year-old daughter who goes to daycare most weekdays. If I'm on a 4-day stretch of 1600-0200's, I don't see them at all. I've been asking friends, I set up filters for sites like Indeed, but I'm not sure where to apply next. I want to have (at least some) autonomy and not feel like I'm just the attending's assistant. But I need more stable hours. I like to work quickly and always have something to do and I love procedures. I'd really appreciate any input/life advice. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I hate to sound money-hungry, but the pay for the amount of work in this environment is primarily what's bothering me. I'm in the Bay Area, started $55/hr and the majority of other hospitals start at $70/hr. The night differential is 105% of base. I work for a private physician group. This specific ER is quite toxic with an extremely high turnover rate; no current PAs have been there longer for 5 years, and in general the PAs get treated quite poorly. They're constantly cracking the whip to see more patients and do additional things like callbacks, etc. The other night I triaged 70 patients, disposed 30 of 'em, during a 10 hour shift. I've gotten a lot of procedures (minus intubations) and I feel like I work safely and my documentation is excellent. I worked as a scribe for a bit in the past, so my downcodes and missed ancillaries are almost always 0. Has anyone dabbled in different fields where you get a good amount of procedures? Derm, Plastics, IR? I particularly like soft tissue procedures like lacerations, I&Ds, nail removals, so I thought about possibly looking into Derm. Sorry, thanks for letting me vent
  4. I'm almost one year into my first job out of school. I've been working my butt off, hustling (safely), and dispo'ing 2.5 pph, avg charge/hour $1200, with good turnaround to discharge/admit times and I've gotten good press ganey feedback from patient surveys. I get along well with the staff, but internally I'm struggling. I love the pace of ED--I like doing things quickly, autonomously (but with support if I need help), and I love procedures. But the particular ER I work in is pretty toxic towards PAs. Nurses are outright hostile, the majority of the docs are unapproachable, the night differential is nothing, and there are no real productivity bonuses. The pay is ~$20/hr less than other EDs in the area in California. I'm going to fulfill my one-year contract but I'm starting to plan my exit strategy. Any career advice? Should I stick it out and keep building my clinical acumen even though I'm miserable? The patient population is very sick so I'm seeing and treating a lot of great pathology. Ideally I'd like to work in a field that offers some kind of productivity incentive. I'm burning myself out working quickly while some of my colleagues get paid the same but spend a majority of their time drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.
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