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  1. Hey thanks for checking in on us on this thread! Speaking of housing; I am sure its varied by personal preference, but do you find that most students share a place together? Live on their own? Live with randos off of rental listing websites/apps? How far in advance would you say we would need to look for a place and lock it down? I have no idea if its pretty easy to get a place near the campus or if its fierce competition and with peak times of filled vacancies.
  2. HI everyone. Im Oliver; born and raised in southern California but I have been in Philadelphia for the past two years. I have been treating Philly weather as preparation for Colorado. lol It has been my dream to move, work, and live in Colorado...so this worked out! I also have not received any additional paperwork aside from the initial acceptance paperwork/deposit. P.S. Thanks for starting this thread. Its a good way to communicate until the FB page gets setup.
  3. They said they have two interview sessions a month and in the last week they. Meetup to decide. They told us oct 10th interviewees that they are meeting on the 23rd and making offers at the end of that week (so yes this Friday probably)
  4. First off, definitely apply early. It seems like applying late is like not applying at all. Last year I submitted in September (I wanted some summer grades verified) this year I got everything submitted and verified by beginning of June (and was aiming for May!). I have similar score/grade stats, experience hours, shadowing, etc but lower overall gpa because of a couple of really bad years (personal emergency). I got 1 interview last year (applied to 6) with a waitlist offer,... and that’s it ? This year i applied to 9, got 6 interviews. 1 waitlist , 2 seat offers.... haven’t interviewed other 3 places, and I’m going decline them (to open it up for other people). While I did apply earlier this cycle, i think a huge difference was my personal statement and how I prepped for interviews. Some schools just want established competency (high grades/scores). Others really want well rounded students. You can kinda tell if you investigate (and line of questioning at interviews) and can adjust your responses to that. I highly suggest trying out some of those books/videos that are out there. It was a game changer for me (I realized how bad I went about my statement/interview , the first cycle that I applied to)
  5. I got my acceptance call from Kay early this morning ? i interviewed yesterday (10-17-18); the last interview session of this cycle.
  6. I’m out of state ? originally from California but been in Philadelphia, Pa for the last two years. will be great to meet you
  7. Yeah, it will be great to meet everyone. Ill be the older guy (I’m 39) that’s originally from California and been in Philadelphia the last two years . I’ll be The there a day before on the 9th. I’m open to meet anyone for dinner ?. Would be nice to see a somewhat familiar face the day of the interview. p.s. Anyone have any idea how many people they invite per interview session?
  8. I’m less worried about the actual interview and questions: we can all prep for that ! ? ... I’m more concerned on what the “group activity” entails! Lol Im sure it’s just to see how we work and communicate with others... I just get nervous when I have no idea what to expect. Is it as technical as coming up with a treatment plan for a patient? Or something as silly as those “egg drop” with straws or see how tall you can make a structure with given materials?
  9. I took organic chemistry 1 and 2, both with labs. I took biochemistry as well. I submitted my application mid June. I received an interview invite at the beginning of September for October 17th interview
  10. The follow up interview invite email (after you confirmed to accepting the interview) gives you a link to the website that describes all of the interview day details. ?
  11. I’ll be there for the interview on the 17th too! Congrats! Can’t wait to meet everyone
  12. Well I am glad to hear I was not the only one! I have not received an email or a physical letter either. I am wondering if they got busy with their audit results they said they were expecting a week or two after that first interview date i.e unable to expand the number of seats they hoped for, and thus reassessing their interview/selection strategy?.....and hopefully nothing worse than that regarding accreditation !..... I think i recall the director mentioning in her presentation that the worst they would possibly get is probation status and at best full accreditation ( dont quote me on that, I dont have my notes with me).
  13. So the setup is the following; 1) Presentation that informs you all about the program, the school, etc 2) Two different faculty members in 1-on-1 interviews. a)They did bring up topics regarding my application, but one was less focused on that and another asked more questions revolved around the application. I dont think its necessarily formulaic, just the individual's style to asses you. There was some overlap between the candidates having the same interviewer but also no overlap at all (i.e. of the 8 other candidates, 3 of us had one interviewer that was the same , but I didnt interview at all with other faculty that were doing interviews). b)They also asked the typical PA questions you find on those lists when you google PA interview questions c) So its very typical of most interviews. No surprises and they just want to get to know you. 3) A portion of your day is MMI/patient simulation stations. 4) Tour of campus with Temple PA students and then lunch. Of course prepare in anyway you can, but dont freak out too much.Everyone involved in the interview day was very welcoming and kind. Good luck!
  14. Yup! It was great and everyone was really nice. You will be getting a second email closer to your interview date with more details about what to expect for the day, directions to the campus, start time, etc. My second email arrived one week before the interview date, but I dont know if you will get it earlier than that. I cant say too much about the day because we had to sign a NDA ( non disclosure agreement), they took our phones right before the information presentation started and we got our phones back at the end of their interview process. But don't be intimidated by me telling you that!.. It just seemed like a school policy so that there is an even playing field for all interviewees. Good luck!
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