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  1. Errr just got an email from Tonnette Green saying I didn’t pay my deposit or accept the letter of intent... which I did. Emailed her back and said she will troubleshoot... kind of concerning all things considered
  2. Congrats to everyone getting off the waitlist! I’m still waiting and I wonder how many have gotten off, I’m not to worried since I also got accepted to 2 other programs but I think TUN was very appealing
  3. For the people who have been accepted: have you guys received anything other than the phone call?
  4. I got a phone call last night at 8:45 and got in! does anyone know the status of their accreditation? Should we be worried or? I was having technical difficulties during the interview so I didn’t have that addressed
  5. I got waitlisted as well pretty bummed but we’re not out yet! Hopefully there’s movement!!
  6. Hey guys I interviewed 12/9 and wanted to say I got the acceptance call on 12/14 I’m so freaking stoked!
  7. “Enjoy the holiday season” if that means... we’re not hearing back until after the new year I might die of anxiety
  8. I almost had a heart attack... I thought that this was it... kinda getting annoying
  9. Hey guys! I received an interview invite for December 9th! For people who have already interviewed what was the format (of you don’t mind sharing) and do you have any tips?
  10. I haven’t heard anything... next week will be week 12 I just got a interview invite to one of their sister programs which I’m stoked about... but if the waits like this idk if I can handle it twice hahahahaha
  11. Here’s to hoping we hear before thanksgiving so we don’t get bombarded by loved ones asking us how the cycles going hahahah
  12. Hey guys I interviewed September 16 and emailed Marsha 8 weeks later on Oct 29.. for which she said to wait in the next few weeks... which would be this week.. would I be annoying if I send another follow up email? I'm just thinking if we're not getting any news this week we won't get any next week due to thanksgiving :/
  13. Did anyone else get the email for the alumni showcase tomorrow? I almost got so excited
  14. I haven’t heard back but with how slow Nevada was with the ballots... we might be in for a long one haha
  15. Congratulations to everyone! I interviewed 9/16 and still have not heard back
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