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  1. Yes I finally was able to sign up! Did you get the CASPer email?
  2. Hey guys, is anyone still having trouble signing up to take the CASPer?
  3. I have an interview coming up in November. As I was just accepted to my #1 program I will be withdrawing. Hope this helps others out! Best of luck everyone.
  4. I just received an acceptance to my #1 program. I will be withdrawing. Hope this helps someone else out!
  5. JUST GOT MY ACCEPTANCE CALL!! It’s great to be a Florida gator!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Really hoping that we hear something this week!!
  7. @Stanfordman84 I have not emailed them to ask yet no, if that is what you are asking
  8. Hey everyone! I submitted by supplemental during the second week of July. Is it safe to say that no news is good news at this time?
  9. I have already interviewed and have not received anything about the CASPer test. Can anyone else who interviewed let me know if/when they have received the email?
  10. @mollym12 I submit my caspa in about 5/12 and received the invitation last week on Wednesday!via email! Best of luck. Let me know if you have any more questions
  11. Declined my interview at the st Pete campus due to acceptance at another program. Hope this helps someone else out!
  12. @FeelTheMusicPA I submitted my application 5/12 and was verified by 5/16! also just an FYI it is for the st Pete campus!
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