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  1. I spelled it out the first time followed by parentheses -- e.g. Physician Assistant (PA). After spelling it out the first time, I used PA throughout the rest of my personal statement and that was sufficient
  2. Got a call from Elise today offering me a spot at the Winston Salem campus!!! So honored and humbled to have been offered a spot, but I've already put down a deposit elsewhere -- hope this opens up a spot for one of you! For reference, I interviewed on the last day and all I know was I was placed in the top third of the waitlist
  3. Hey all! Not an applicant this year, but was a first time applicant this past year and am attending school in the fall Few things I want to share that I would've loved to know and that also helped me out during the cycle: 1) APPLY EARLY - this is coming from someone who applied a few days before many of the deadlines (oops). The earlier you apply, the better your chances. 2) Applying late DOES NOT mean that you're not going to get invited to an interview -- just gotta be extra impressive in an interview, especially if you're interviewing the last/later dates they hold interviews 3) ASK FOR LOR'S IN ADVANCE! This is just common courtesy to those writing you one and will allow them to write you the best one possible. Also, pick people that know you well and have worked with you. Don't pick someone you shadowed twice -- I mean, you can, but they can't really attest much to your personality, work ethic, etc. I found meeting up with those I asked (who I hadn't seen in a while) and catching them up on my goals/aspirations/plans and current work situation was very helpful, adds a personal touch, and was also fun for me as I got to catch up with them, as well. 4) BE YOURSELF in interviews -- to be honest, I minimally prepared for interviews and I think that actually helped me as I did not sound so rehearsed. Of course make sure you have an answer to commonly asked questions so you don't sound like a fool (ESPECIALLY PREPARE FOR THE TELL ME ABOUT YOUSELF QUESTION -- no one wants a rambler who has no idea what facts to throw in this open-ended question -- and to know what a PA is and why you want to be one). Also, know what your strengths are and be confident in why you are a good applicant for PA school. 5) Interact with other interviewees - this will put you at ease, but also help you stand out among the other candidates as it shows you are friendly and personable 6) Don't dominate Q&A times, but also make sure to interact with staff and current students - I can say that in a few of my interviews, there were people that were too dominant during Q&A time, to the point that I felt I couldn't even ask a question because they were constantly blurting out questions rapid fire or raising their hands every 5 seconds. I have a hunch this probably is detected by those interviewing as well and these people may come off a bit too strong. However, do make sure you interact some with students and staff so you convey your interest in the program. That's all I've got off the top of my head -- let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to try to answer!
  4. I haven’t received an e-mail yet....hopefully I get one soon lol
  5. As an accepted student as well, I do feel having a GRE score >300 will help your chances. I think <300 just means extra compensation on your part (in your application and potentially during interviews, as well) to make up for a lower GRE. Your score is not bad, per se, but most applicants (at least on here) try to strive for at least a 300. In some schools, I think the GRE could very well serve as a "weed-out" factor for people to invite to an interview. However, if you already have a great GPA (>3.75) and great patient care hours, I don't think you need to worry too much about retaking the GRE. If your PCE and GPA are average, however, I would highly recommend taking the GRE so you can stand above the crowd a bit more!
  6. I could be incorrect on this... but I'm pretty sure Duke sent out their last interview invites and this was the last week of interviewing? I could be wrong though about that and maybe they have another round coming up....
  7. With your stats and experience, June should definitely be plenty of time. To give you an idea, I applied on August 28 for 4 schools with September 1 deadlines and 3 schools with October 1 deadlines and I got interview invitations to almost all the schools I applied to, including my top 3 programs! I got rejections from 2 schools - one of which places heavy preference on military service and only fills a class of 20 and I was missing documentation on their supplemental and the other of which was a rolling admissions school, so my late application did hurt me in this instance. As someone mentioned before, if the school is based upon rolling admissions, the earlier you apply, the greater your chance of acceptance. Otherwise, your stats are pretty competitive and you should definitely be fine applying in June. Best of luck!
  8. Tense is really up to you -- most people use past tense for introduction as many applicants will begin with a story. For my paper, I used past tense for the intro and a good portion of the body, wrote in present tense if relating anything to my current work and future tense for how I would be a good potential PA one day. It's really up to you, though, and whatever sounds best for the flow of your paper. You should be writing in first person for the bulk of your paper as it is a personal statement -- aka your story of what led you to pursue this profession.
  9. Okay so somehow I deleted my link to the supplemental application... Does someone mind sending the link to me so I can upload my photo?
  10. Just received a phone call invitation for an interview in January - so excited!!! I applied around late August and submitted supplemental in September (I think lol) for those wondering.
  11. Submitted my application around the end of August and received an interview invitation this morning for 2/15 -- so grateful for the offer, but will be declining so I hope this opens up a spot for one of you!
  12. Just got an invite for 1/8! So excited!!
  13. I was contacted via phone call and then sent a subsequent e-mail a few days later, followed by an official letter of acceptance. Not sure on the invites, but I think I saw last year people interviewed as late as January
  14. I think I saw they sent out interview invites as late as December last cycle! I know some people too have interview invites for early November.
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