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  1. I could be incorrect on this... but I'm pretty sure Duke sent out their last interview invites and this was the last week of interviewing? I could be wrong though about that and maybe they have another round coming up....
  2. ecb220

    End of June too late?

    With your stats and experience, June should definitely be plenty of time. To give you an idea, I applied on August 28 for 4 schools with September 1 deadlines and 3 schools with October 1 deadlines and I got interview invitations to almost all the schools I applied to, including my top 3 programs! I got rejections from 2 schools - one of which places heavy preference on military service and only fills a class of 20 and I was missing documentation on their supplemental and the other of which was a rolling admissions school, so my late application did hurt me in this instance. As someone mentioned before, if the school is based upon rolling admissions, the earlier you apply, the greater your chance of acceptance. Otherwise, your stats are pretty competitive and you should definitely be fine applying in June. Best of luck!
  3. ecb220

    What tense?

    Tense is really up to you -- most people use past tense for introduction as many applicants will begin with a story. For my paper, I used past tense for the intro and a good portion of the body, wrote in present tense if relating anything to my current work and future tense for how I would be a good potential PA one day. It's really up to you, though, and whatever sounds best for the flow of your paper. You should be writing in first person for the bulk of your paper as it is a personal statement -- aka your story of what led you to pursue this profession.
  4. ecb220

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Okay so somehow I deleted my link to the supplemental application... Does someone mind sending the link to me so I can upload my photo?
  5. ecb220

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Just sent you a message!
  6. ecb220

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Just received a phone call invitation for an interview in January - so excited!!! I applied around late August and submitted supplemental in September (I think lol) for those wondering.
  7. Submitted my application around the end of August and received an interview invitation this morning for 2/15 -- so grateful for the offer, but will be declining so I hope this opens up a spot for one of you!
  8. Just got an invite for 1/8! So excited!!
  9. I was contacted via phone call and then sent a subsequent e-mail a few days later, followed by an official letter of acceptance. Not sure on the invites, but I think I saw last year people interviewed as late as January
  10. I think I saw they sent out interview invites as late as December last cycle! I know some people too have interview invites for early November.
  11. ecb220

    Interview Attire (women)

    Those are perfectly fine! I think when heels start becoming unprofessional is when they're super strappy, super high skinny heels. Those look very nice and professional ? People typically warn against high heels only because most interviews include a tour as well so you don't want to be uncomfy!
  12. I can't tell you all the exact details as I'm only a prospective PA student, however, I can answer a few of your questions. As you are relatively young (good for you for thinking ahead!), I think you have a few misconceptions about the PA field: 1) As a PA, you don't become an assistant of that specialty (dematologist assistant, cardiologist assistant, surgical assistant) - a physician assistant is a medical professional who performs a LOT of the same duties as a doctor would: diagnosing, developing and managing treatment plans, prescribing medications, etc. Obviously, the big difference as the name reveals, is you work in collaboration with a physician, but that doesn't mean you're constantly under direct supervision of the physician. 2) To become a PA, most applicants possess a bachelor's degree in some kind of science, e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Nutrition, etc. as PA school has prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to admission into a program. It is important to maintain a competitive GPA (~3.5 or higher) to stand the best chance of being accepted into a program, as admission into a PA school is no easy feat! Furthermore, the majority of programs require at least 1000 hours of hands-on patient care prior to admission as well, so you at least have some experience before school starts. However, the more patient care experience you have, the better for both you (just from an experience and opportunity standpoint) and your chances of being accepted into a program. Once in the program, it takes about 2 years to complete (~24-27 months typically), about 1 year in the classroom and about 1 year completing clinical rotations. As a PA, hours will just vary based on your specialty, location, etc. 3) I'm curious if what you were looking up is more closely aligned with a medical assistant working in a dermatology office? The medical assisting program involved obtaining a certification that allows you to also work alongside the medical providers (possibly even PAs, NPs), but by no means are you allowed to prescribe, diagnose, or treat as you have no medical license to do so. However, medical assisting is a great way to obtain patient care hours for PA school or to decide if the PA career is what truly appeals to you! At this point, I think the most helpful thing for you to do, since you're still so young, is trying to establish some shadowing in a hospital or local clinic. This will allow you to witness, firsthand, all the roles different medical providers serve in a healthcare setting. If you're particularly drawn to dermatology, perhaps try to shadow some different providers in a dermatology clinic (MD, PA, or NP). You'd probably get to see, also, how a medical assistant functions in that environment ?
  13. ecb220

    Suit jacket unbuttoned...okay?

    I also left my suit jacket unbuttoned, as did almost every other female at the interview! As long as you look put-together, with a nice fitting suit, you don't need to stress the details ? A lot of girls didn't even tuck in their shirt or anything, so honestly, it's what you feel best doing because it's better to be comfortable than fidgeting with your outfit!
  14. ecb220

    Interview Invites

    I think it really is just hard to say...each school varies regarding when they stop sending invitations out. As many others have mentioned, the best rule of thumb for figuring out when the interview invites stop going out is to look at older threads from previous cycles and see when the last invitations got sent. It's a bit premature to say interview invites are done being sent out because many schools will still interview in January! I also am pretty sure most schools will send out a formal rejection letter (even for interviews), but I could be wrong about that... Best of luck to you!
  15. Thank you so much! I was actually in the same group, as well!! Undergrad: NC State - class of 2016 Major: Nutrition science, minor in psychology GPA: 3.7 GRE: 155 (quant), 153 (verbal), 5.0 writing HCE: 2 years as medical assistant/front desk receptionist, been working since April as a medical assistant in a medical weight loss clinic ~3000-4000 hours Other work experience: Head swim coach, swim instructor, TA for Intro to Nutrition Science Volunteer experience: Bible study leader for high school girls for 1 year, one semester of research with cognitive psychology professor No shadowing experience LOR: 1 MD, 1 NP, 1 professor I think I hit everything ? Wishing for the best for you as well! Dr. Gindoff was the one who called me!

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