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  1. Thank you Interviewed in November and I was waitlisted in December I believe..
  2. St. Pete or Miami? I was accepted from St. Pete waitlist last week. Don’t lose hope yet!!
  3. So there are 9 spots remaining...yikes. initially I was told that the first class would only have 30 students and then they would increase the class size in the years to follow. Does anyone else know if that’s right?
  4. Wow thanks for telling us. I Had no idea. That’s a bit disheartening considering some of us have been waiting months and yet they are still inviting people to interview doesn’t seem like a good outcome for me.
  5. Yeah same, waitlisted at 3. Praying something good will happen. I haven’t heard back and I interviewed in November.
  6. I got mine yesterday but I’m low on the list in the 40s. I am very confused if they abide by this then how will they even have an incoming class for 2020?? That means everyone gets in eventually? I was going to reapply in April... but if this is true then I’m not going to lol.
  7. Yes. I got there 20 minutes early and just waited until my turn. They were very nice and hospitable. My Interview was only 25 minutes and I was talking the entire time. There wasn’t hardly any conversation between us during the interview (like some other interviews I’ve had where they interact with you). So be prepared to sell yourself.
  8. They do not have rolling admissions. I just had my interview. They will send out acceptances in December you do not find out immediately.
  9. Congrats! I interviewed this day as well but have not heard anything so I guess that means I’m rejected or on the waitlist.
  10. Thought I was the only one... I applied June 7th. I’m also a graduate from USF.
  11. For me, I applied and was verified by June 15th and I just got an interview invite last week for the St. Pete campus. I have had no other communication until recently.
  12. Oh... no you can apply without it they will just send you an email saying they require you to take it once your application is submitted.
  13. Yes I took it back in July and just had my scores sent over!
  14. This is directly from their website http://www.gannon.edu/Academic-Offerings/Health-Professions-and-Sciences/Graduate/Master-of-Physician-Assistant-Science/Admission-Requirements/: Following are prerequisites for the program and must be completed prior to matriculation: Major Level Chemistry: 8 credits Major level Anatomy: 3 credits Major level Anatomy Lab: 1 credit Major level Physiology : 3 credits Major level Physiology Lab: 1 credit Major level Genetics: 3 credits Medical Terminology: 3 credits/or demonstrated competency Statistics: 3 credits Intro to Research: 3 credits Psychology: 3 credits Nothing about Spanish here... I would not have applied if they required Spanish because I definitely did not take Spanish in college lol....
  15. Yes I got the confirmation email for the am session. I am going to arrive 30 min early just incase...
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