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  1. Hello! I wanted to get a hive mind on if attending multiple schools in order to get pre-req's completed would be viewed as a bad thing? I jumped around schools a lot during my undergraduate (attempted 3 universities and 2 community colleges). Since starting my pre-reqs I have moved a couple of times and have already attended 2 community colleges and 1 university (for those counting brining my total schools attended to 7). In order to get a couple of the pre-reqs done faster I'm looking at taking some courses at Doane University online which would bring me to a whopping 8. Do you think all of these college jumping will look bad on my transcript or just a wash at this point because I have so many? As a FYI working to improve cGPA due to a struggling undergraduate - post graduate GPA is a 3.9 with 60 + credit hours. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Question, how many people applied for the Hawaii campus? Do you think since it’s a newer program it maybe easier to get into than the other campuses? I currently have anchorage and Tacoma as my choices but thinking of changing to Hawaii.
  3. Does anyone know how many interview dates they will hold? My application was received on June 24th but no email about an interview yet.
  4. Has anyone had any issues with PA programs not accepting this as a Biochem pre-req? Also the biochem class states that it includes labs? How does this occur? thanks!
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