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  1. Hi everyone! To those that have been accepted- there has been a groupme created for us to introduce ourselves. The link is in the UAB Class of 2022 topic on the previous page. Hope you all will join the group. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  2. Hi everyone, I gave up my seat at the Harrogate campus, so hopefully someone who has not heard anything or has yet to interview will be offered acceptance in my place. I really liked this program and was very excited for the opportunity, but I received acceptance to a school much closer to home. Good luck everyone!
  3. Congrats! Yea they do. It’s not bad. 2-3 minutes on a current medical topic of interest. You’ll get instructions in your follow up email.
  4. Is there a guy named Luis Torres in your class? He apparently is the admin of a group that shares a name similar to last years group. UAB PA Class of 2022. I requested to join but have not been approved. I’m just curious if that is a legitimate group.
  5. I just calculated it based on the figures for fees that I have written down for myself. Unfortunately, it appears you are correct and the number I came up with was $163,084. This is not including housing, transportation, etc. Average apartment rates I believe are somewhere around $850-1100/month for a two bedroom, so you'd be looking at $425-550 if you lived with someone. I would say a good food budget is around $500/month and another school I applied to has $5000 as their estimate for travel expenses. So I guess it would be somewhere around $193,000-$200,000. Luckily, I am an in-state applicant, but I did apply to other programs out of state and I have to say this is the steepest I've seen. I would probably call Mrs. Glasscock and see if you can get a rundown of the fees specific to the program.
  6. Hoover, Homewood and Vestavia Hills are all great areas. I've heard there are some good apartments somewhere off of Alford Ave., which is in Hoover. However, I own a home in Hoover, so I don't have much experience with apartment life in this area. Congrats!
  7. I feel like she stated it would be within the next couple of days. I know she did not specify a date. I'm sure it'll be towards the end of the week once they have completed the calls. Congratulations to y'all!
  8. Just got my call!!! To say I’m excited is an understatement! To all those who are waiting, don’t lose hope. It takes time to make 80 phone calls.
  9. Congrats!! What time did you receive the call? Was it Mr. Drace?
  10. To all that have interviewed, when did you receive the follow-up email with details regarding interview day? My email simply states I will receive an email after my confirmation. I was required to respond by Oct. 31 and I sent my confirmation on Oct. 30. I'm not too worried about it, but I do want to make sure that I don't need to call and ensure they received my confirmation. I'm interviewing on Nov. 15th, if anyone else has that same interview date have you received your follow-up? TIA
  11. Congratulations on your acceptance! To find the group, search “LMU SMS PA Class of 2022” on FB and request to join. They’ll add you in a day or two. It took about a week to get my email but she was going on vacation so that may be different for y’all.
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