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  1. Just received my acceptance e-mail today!!So excited to meet everyone at the St. George campus!
  2. Hi! I also got that e-mail July 11th. This morning I received an interview invite for November 16th. I hope you also got an invite! Good luck to the both of us!
  3. Thanks for letting us know and good luck on your journey! I am still waiting to hear back
  4. It’s not timed. But once you start it, you can’t save or finish later. I believe there are four questions.
  5. @ahenige6 thanks for providing additional clarification. I appreciate it!
  6. Thanks for the clarification! I am also a part of another -PA group where I was told this info by those who interviewed
  7. Yes they prioritize their alumni and also applicants from surrounding states
  8. Good lucky to you too! I am from Cali so im thinking they are interviewing those applicants who are within Rutgers’ area first
  9. I believe there are 12 scenarios(i didnt count) with 3 questions each. It takes at least 1 hour and a half if you choose not to take a 15-minute break
  10. Hello All! I submitted my supplemental app on 6/9 and have not heard since then. A current student I connected with mentioned that she received the interview invitation a month after the application deadline. So I guess more waiting for us.
  11. Hi! I recently took the CASPer test. You will be tested on your ethical decision-making abilities. I highly suggest you check out University of Washington bioethics website for resources. You will not be scored based on your personality but on the content of your answers and how they are constructed. I also suggest that you take the practice questions on CASPer's website to get a feel for the test because you only have 5 minutes to answer three questions for every prompt.
  12. Hello Everyone! Submitted my app on 06/05. In looking at the UC Davis PA app page, it says that "The application process may require an interview" and nowhere in the website did it mention an in-person interview as a requirement, only the UC Davis graduate application. Is this information correct? I am getting mixed information Thanks!
  13. Hello! I got waitlisted the last cycle and re-applied this year. Anxiously waiting for that phone call! Best of luck everyone!
  14. Hello everyone! I received an email stating that my app has been selected to move on to the next round of screening. Has anyone who got the same email received another follow-up notification?
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