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  1. Same here! Definitely caught me by surprise with such a quick response. Congratulations and I’ll see you in class next July ??
  2. Just received my acceptance e-mail from the Glenside 9/19 interview!! Congrats to the other acceptances and waitlists ?
  3. Thank you... and sure no problem! CASPA: Submitted June 15th, verified July 2nd PSU Supplemental: Received July 9 and submitted July 24. Interview invitation received on July 27th for August 10th. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey everyone! I just interviewed on 8/10 and wanted to share some of my thoughts about the interview process to possibly help ease minds! First, try not to stress about how long the process is because it goes really fast! They do a great job of scheduling the entire day to flow smoothly, so there is virtually no time wasted just sitting and letting your mind wander (that's when I feel my nerves are the worst!). Before you know it, the morning is over and all the scoring is done. Second, the staff and patient interviews are incredibly friendly and inviting! In no way do you feel like you're being scrutinized or judged, which makes it a whole lot easier to just smile and be yourself. The patient interview is just a normal conversation, not a patient assessment or anything of that nature. Lastly, the students are all super friendly as well and you get to ask as many questions about the program as you want at lunch. The student lunch and TBL exercise is not a scored part of the application process. During the TBL experience you are actually incorporated in to their groups and help participate in answering case questions. The classroom was full of energy and they actually introduced and announced us like sports players and cheered before the start of the session! If you are scheduled to interview in the upcoming months, just relax and have fun with it! You're going to really enjoy it.
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