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  1. Just heard back and I was accepted too! Guess they’re rolling out notifications throughout the week.
  2. I wanna say there were three groups of eight applicants that rotated between tour, student panel, and interviews. So I would imagine each session has 24 applicants.
  3. Accepted via email today! Just interviewed on August 29 (8 am session)!
  4. Accepted via email 5 minutes ago!!! So excited as this was my top choice!
  5. You can put your unofficial GRE score in CASPA, but don’t bother sending an official copy. I called them back in June when I was submitting my application and they said they wouldn’t consider an official score even if they received it (which was a relief for my wallet).
  6. Hey there, I’m meeting up with a friend who goes to Pitt (not as a PA-S) for dinner Monday night, but I’d be willing to do a meetup afterwards if anyone’s interested!
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