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  1. I don't have hugely helpful advice, but I will say that you taking the time to explore multiple options is definitely a good move. Three bachelor's degrees later, I decided to enter the medical field...so I think testing the waters is smart before fully committing. As far as the job goes, this is pretty similar to my experience over the last 5-6 years being a tech both outpatient and inpatient. Very little respect, bullying, and extreme condescension from most nurses and even other techs. Unfortunately low-level sexual harassment seems to be something I've experienced in every medical position...try to be firm when these comments are made by coworkers creating a toxic work environment. I can really relate to the me vs. them attitude. I also realize that I'm doing all this so that I can eventually have a more autonomous and mentally stimulating position as a PA one day soon. So keep that in mind. Good luck with the ER tech position--maybe it will be a better fit.
  2. Any current students or prospective students living in Houston willing to share experiences in terms of affordability and location of apartments close to the TMC? Cost of living and ease of access to the medical campus is something I am concerned about with attending Baylor. I would be looking for a studio or one bedroom (1200ish max rent) either located near a metro stop or with a TMC shuttle as an amenity. I'm open to biking, but I've heard it gets pretty toasty during the summer months and there may be days when I don't want to arrive soaked. PM me if possible. Thanks!
  3. Received acceptance call a few hours ago!
  4. I decided to go with a blazer versus a suit jacket for the first day. Figured better safe than underdressed haha
  5. I was thinking more information might be sent out, but doesn't look to be the case. When I have visited the main building where the Cullen Auditorium is located previously, I noticed that there is a sign on the building stating Baylor Physician Assistant Program. I'm assuming this is probably where the classrooms/faculty are located (have to have a badge to enter, so not entirely certain). I'm guessing we will at least be told after the first day
  6. Hey just wanted to throw out there that I was offered a spot off the waitlist last week. I declined, but was in the 11-20 range, so sounds like there may be a spot/s still available.
  7. I am wondering this as well. I have two suits but one is much nicer than the other. Is it inappropriate to wear the same suit but with different shoes/shirt for the two days?
  8. Definitely agree. I think I more so am curious how students felt after matriculating into these programs (were they satisfied with their choice). I have my own pro and con lists and have combed all the websites many times. I’m avoiding situations where maybe what was presented at an interview was mostly smoke and mirrors.
  9. Hello! As I come closer to making some tough decisions regarding programs, I am hoping to gather information and opinions from current students from the above programs or perhaps students who have interviewed at a combination of the above programs. More specifically, I am wanting to know if any students, interviewees, or alumni would be willing to share their personal experiences regarding 1) best and strongest aspects of the program 2) aspects that could be improved upon 3) level of support from faculty/program resources and 4) anything you were surprised about after matriculating into the program. I’d also like to know about any goofy things (location, parking, student perks) that you’d consider a plus or minus about the program. I have interviewed and been accepted into two of these programs and interview at the third fairly soon. I really love each for different reasons...proximity to spouse, culture of the area, resources, etc., but find that having interviewed with so many programs back-to-back, I wish I would have conversed with current students during the interview day more extensively (interview and travel fatigue... ) Anyhow, I would appreciate any and all comments. Thanks!
  10. Got acceptance today from the November 28th group! Super excited
  11. Just in my experience applying, and attempting to apply broadly, I would suggest either taking Genetics or Biochemistry, or both. I took Genetics only and still felt somewhat limited not having Biochem. Good luck!
  12. We had one spouse attend our interview day. Although their partner seemed comfortable, I felt it was somewhat awkward. I wouldn't bring anyone honestly. As some of the others said, it is a lot of information and you want to have your sole focus be on the speakers.
  13. Eh, I see your point...and don't disagree....but being in a profession that values diversity, we could try and embody that in our posts ? just sayin'
  14. October 4th interview, accepted the next week....maybe six seven days after the interview.
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