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  1. I have only received the survey. I have not received any updates or decisions yet. Best Wishes Everybody!!!!
  2. Keep the faith!!! We are our worst critic. Everyone was nervous. The hardest part is done: application and interview. I heard we would not hear anything until around the end of November or the beginning of December. ?
  3. Goodevening Andrew, After I accepted my invitation to interview the next day I received an email from UND PA Program titled Interview Day Information. What day is your interview? I am interviewing October 16th.
  4. I accepted and interview invitation today!!!!!Good Luck Everybody!!!! My date is Oct 16
  5. I have applied to the program and my CASPA has been verified. UND sent an email stating that they received my application from CASPA, and I will be notified if selected for an interview of the date and time around the end of September. Good luck Everybody!!!!!!

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