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  1. Can PA's do a residency in another country? And would they be able to practice their certification in that country, should they decide to move to that country??
  2. Currently, I am shadowing a PA at a nearby hospital. One of my biggest problems I have is thinking of questions to ask the PA. The hospital the PA works in requires 75 hours of shadowing one person. I asked a lot of questions about what is it like to be a PA and how it was in PA school. However as the days go by, I am finding it harder to think of more questions to ask. Any suggestions??? 

  3. Hello, I am a student doing my bachelor's and was wondering if there are any PA in Long Island -preferably in Northwell or Winthrop hospital - that are willing to take a shadow on. I am trying to get my shadowing hours complete before starting CASPA. Thank You!
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