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  1. once you pay your deposit they will send you a link to the facebook group so no need to do that
  2. I cancelled my interview on 10/22 due to acceptance at my top choice. Good luck to you all!
  3. I also got my acceptance email!! Interviewed 9/19 as well
  4. I applied last year, and received a rejection letter in the mail, however interview invite was via email.
  5. I got offered an interview today for some time in September, anyone have any interview tips? I'm very excited!!
  6. I was waitlisted for an interview today, a bit disappointed because I interviewed last year and was waitlisted for acceptance But hopefully they are responding to applicants who have been waiting for an update for a while now!
  7. From my research on their website, they are not rolling admissions, therefore I think that as long as you submit your letter by the deadline you should be okay! I typically finish everything all together and earlier because other schools I have applied to are rolling, so maybe that's why you feel behind but I wouldn't worry too much for this school!
  8. I received a supplemental application today! Has anyone else received it or submitted it already?
  9. Has anyone from July 11 interview heard anything??
  10. Hey! I was on the alternate list last year. Last year they hosted about 6-7 interviews through January 2020, once they were done hosting interviews they ranked the alternate list (sometime in January) but they do not tell you where you are on the alternate list. If you call them they give you an approximate location (ie: top 10 or top 20). You will then receive a call or email if you are pulled off the alternate list which usually begins in February. Last year, they did tell me how many seats were still open in the class, and an approximate location so I was able to guess at whether or not I'd
  11. @FuturePA2022 I have completed all pre-reqs and have all my final grades. I don't see a link in my CASPA application, I'll try to email them about it. Thanks!
  12. Hey Everyone! I saw on their website that they require a supplemental application, however I can't find a link to it anywhere. Does anyone know if there is a supplemental app? Thanks!
  13. I thought I would get the thread started. Good luck to everyone applying!
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