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  1. Nice to meet you guys! I am 23 years old & am from Bakersfield, Central Valley. I graduated with my bachelors in biology & minor in Chem from CSUB 2016. During my gap years I worked as a full time medical assistant at an urgent care & recently also began working as a part time medical scribe in the ER. I am so excited & looking forward to beginning this new chapter of our lives. Can’t wait to meet with the rest of our team!
  2. Just got an email 2 hours ago confirming that my app is officially submitted and under review. My last name begins with a D... I submitted it Nov 30 without any transcripts.
  3. Hey I just got another one this morning... I assuming the system will automatically keep doing that??
  4. When I called admissions the lady said they will be interviewing around 144 students
  5. Were the people that received denials invited for the interviews? I just wanna know if they sent out supplementals to everyone
  6. For those who have attended the previous interview...can you please explain the interview format? group interview, one on one, or MMI style??? Any advice/suggestions?????
  7. Letter in the mail and email as well. Thank you! Good luck to you.
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