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  1. Hi, Does anyone know If there is any group of Pitt PA Class of 2021 other than Facebook? I mean like on WhatsApp or Telegram?Thank you!
  2. Has anyone heard anything after first interview?
  3. Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it!
  4. Does anyone have any wait list details? I mean how many students are put on the list and how many get accepted usually? Any insight would be appreciated. Getting tense day by day
  5. Anyone , from 30th July interview, wait-listed or accepted?
  6. Has anyone heard back from 30th July interview?
  7. Congratulations to everyone who got acceptance! Has anyone else heard back regarding acceptance/wait-list/or rejection?
  8. Hi, Anyone, who interviewed this cycle, can please share the experience? Thanks!
  9. Hello. Anyone , who is going to be interviewed, interested in practice? Thanks in advance.
  10. Got an invite for 30th July session. Has anyone else received it for the same date? Does anybody know how is the interview format? If someone can describe it, that would be very helpful. Thanks.
  11. Hello, Can someone who has been invited please share GPA, experiences? If someone is fine sharing the information on my email id- ami.chug1@gmail.com, that would also be helpful. I appreciate it. Thank you.
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