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  1. Out of curiousity, what are the main reasons people are declining seats? Getting into their top choice? Having seats I’m already accredited programs? Concerns about the March accreditation review? Etc.
  2. Waitlisted as well. Planning to accept the spot on the waitlist.
  3. I have not heard anything either! It’s tough because I want it so badly. I’m sure everyone feels the same. Hopefully by tomorrow! Best of luck, everyone.
  4. Got a rejection letter in the mail, disappointed but optimistic for other opportunities. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Congrats on the interview! When did you submit your application. And did the interview invite come today? My stats are similar to yours so I’m hoping I’ll hear back ?
  6. I googled Castle Branch, it looks like they do background checks so I assume it is part of the process? Hopefully, they will reach out and confirm they sent it and let us know if that means anything for our application?
  7. Yes! I thought it might be a spam link but maybe not?
  8. Did you email the transcript or mail it? When I was looking on their website it says to just update CASPA with summer grade but I’m wondering if I should email it anyway to be safe? I got good grades so I want to be sure they see them.
  9. Did anyone have any in progress prerequisites when they applied? I emailed admissions months ago about it and they told me I can have 2 classes out standing but they must be in progress. I took that as I must be currently enrolled in them to apply. I only have one class left in Fall but have not applied since I am not enrolled yet. Am i totally wrong and I could apply now?
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