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  1. Has anyone heard anything from the school? I know they really struggled with the winter storm but I figured they’d be up and running again. I emailed them and got no reply. I would like to speak to financial aid and to speak to someone about the best place to move to in the area
  2. Hi everyone! I have recently been accepted to the cohort starting 2021. The acceptance website says there will be a medical terminology exam on the first day? I took medical terminology in college, but would like to freshen up. Is there a resource/book that anyone used that they found helpful?
  3. OH MY GOSH! I was just accepted off the waitlist right now! I can’t friggin believe it. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited to meet all of you!! to everyone else on the waitlist hang in there, I really thought I wasn’t going to get in and even accepted an offer from another school! Don’t lose hope!!!
  4. Accepted to the Miami campus!!! Congratulations to those accepted, and hang in there for those waitlisted!!!
  5. Interviewed on 11/13 and received an email on 11/20 at 2pm that I was in the top 10 people on the waitlist. Holding out hope as this is my #1 school!! How likely do you think it is that they will go through all 10 people on the waitlist?
  6. On 10/19 I got an email for an interview invite for 12/7.
  7. Nothing yet, its making me so anxious because I have other schools wanting an answer and I'm waiting to reply because I'm hoping I got into Barry and they are closed this week because I tried emailing and calling. Won't hear back till next week probably.
  8. I am thinking about doing the same thing! I would really like some advice regarding this!
  9. I am currently posting all over this forum asking about switching programs as well. I’m assuming you already made a decision since this was posted in March? I’d love to know what you ended up doing because I’m so torn right now. I’d love some advice!
  10. I am in the EXACT same boat as this I have been waitlisted for my #1 school but it starts in June and I have other schools that I already interviewed with and would much rather go to, but am still waiting to hear back. I am very much prepared to start in January and leave the program if those better schools accept me. So I am kinda curious if you ended up going to school A(the January one) or school B (your top choice)?
  11. Hi everyone. I’m in a similar situation. I received an acceptance to a school that starts in January which would require me to move several states away. I am willing to do this, however have interviewed at other schools that are much higher on my list and was waitlisted in the top 10 for my #1 choice school. I know that there is a lot of investment that goes into starting a program and it would be very hard to do this, but has anyone ever left a program that started in January because they got accepted into a better school that starts in like June?
  12. Ok so I’m in quite the pickle. I have been accepted to a program that starts in January. I honestly am not particularly thrilled about this program as I have been waitlisted in the top 10 of my dream program but it starts in June. I don’t want to wait another year and apply again so I will go to this January program if I have to. I know it’s a long shot but I can’t possibly be the only one going through this: Has anyone ever started a program in January and then left the program to start a better one that accepted you later? (I understand that there’s a lot of investment that goes into it a
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