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  1. If you download the admissions handbook on their website, you can find the class sizes for each year. This first year will be 20 students.
  2. I applied and was verified on May 8th. I have not heard anything from the school yet.
  3. Just got an email from OHSU saying they have received my verified application! Now time to play the waiting game for up to 12 weeks! Good luck everyone!
  4. In October, they were still looking for more clinical preceptors. I know they had a few solidified at that time but I am sure they are still looking for more. Also, the new building wasn't set to be finished until December 2020 so I'm hoping that COVID didn't push the construction back.
  5. Regarding the concern about a first year program, I will say that Greg Davenport has successfully created two other PA programs and he really seems to know what he's doing.
  6. I'll be applying here! I went to the information session in October last year, the school does come from religious affiliation and I was told that all faculty are Christian. Newberg is a really small town and it is about an hour drive from Portland. I've lived in this area for most of my life so feel free to ask questions if you have any!
  7. Did you already apply for this cycle? I'm finishing up my supplemental essay questions then I can apply!
  8. Well, I’m officially out of the running for Pacific. I received my rejection via email earlier today. I app was verified in May. I had a lower BCP GPA at 3.42 I also had around 6,000 hour of PCE from various roles Best of luck to everyone!
  9. Well, I’m officially out of the running. I received a rejection email today. Good luck everyone!
  10. I talked with Cristina (an admissions counselor at George Fox) about this today. She let me know that this first incoming class will be a master's level class. They do intend to eventually make their program a doctorate but as of now, they can't get accreditation for anything above a master's. In order for them to get accreditation in September of 2020 for their 2022 cohort, they had to start the program off as a master's level program. Further information is provided on their website: "Although the George Fox PA program meets university standards for a doctorate degree (112 graduate semester hours over six semesters), the Accreditation Review Commission on the Education of Physician Assistants (ARC-PA) is limited by the Council of Higher Education (CHEA) to a master's degree. According to CHEA policy, ARC-PA can request a scope change to be able to accredit programs that are located in institutions offering a doctoral degree. If ARC-PA does this, George Fox will apply for a substantive change to convert the PA degree from a master's degree to a doctorate." Hope this helps!
  11. I just submitted my supplemental application! I submitted and got verified on CASPA early June but was occupied applying to rolling admissions schools first so I just got around to finishing everything up! Now time to wait! Good luck to everyone that applied so far!
  12. Did George Fox recently change their DMSc program to a MMSc program? When checking the website today, it states the new George Fox PA program rewards a master's degree.
  13. How do you calculate your last 45 GPA? I don't see this in CASPA.
  14. I was verified on CASPA in the middle of May and got an email from OHSU on June 6th. I’ve copied the email to this post in case anyone was curious what was said. The email was as follows: “Thank you for your application to the Oregon Health & Science University Physician Assistant Program. Receipt of this email confirms that your CASPA application has been received. During the coming weeks we will be matriculating a new cohort of students, so initial review of your application and supporting documents will not begin until the end of the month. Therefore, please expect to see a notification around the first week of July with more information about what to expect next in the process. Please note - You can make changes to your contact information (address, phone, email address, etc.) and update grades via your CASPA portal after your application is submitted. If you listed any planned or in-progress courses at the time of your CASPA submission, please enter the grade(s) in your CASPA application once the course is complete. You do not need to send official updated transcripts to OHSU for these courses nor email the program with the information, just update the information in CASPA. We realize these grades will be unverified, but the program will be able to review and consider the updated grades you post in your application. If official transcripts are ultimately needed for recent or all courses, the program will contact you. Otherwise, the unofficial grade entries will be sufficient. On behalf of the OHSU PA Program faculty and staff, I congratulate you on your choice to pursue a career as a physician assistant. We look forward to assisting you in the attainment of your goals.“
  15. Does anyone know if PA schools look at your age when reviewing your application? I’m really young (only 20 years old) and I’m concerned that because the average age is higher than my age, it may be a disadvantage.
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