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  1. Are they sending anymore acceptance letters? How many seats left to fill ? They will be wrapping up next week.
  2. Congratulations Ashley! Has anyone else who interviewed on 20 th sep got accepted? Thanks
  3. Was wondering, how many seats are already filled ? And how many left to fill ? Since they are doing rolling admissions. thanks
  4. Hi, Did anybody get interview invite this month ? thanks
  5. Hi , Any idea when are they going to send second set of invites? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys. Any update on second round of accepts ? Thanks
  7. Hi Kowalchi. When did you receive acceptance letter from CMU? Thanks
  8. HI guys . any idea when ll they start second round ? Any other information related to wait list ? thanks
  9. so there is one main list ? from which they already sent accepts . clint said there ll be no alternative list . They still in process of sending acceptance letters . So not sure what s going on .
  10. Thanks. Anyone interviewed on November 3rd got accepted?
  11. Hi . Are they sending acceptance letters to CMU alumunae now? Or any non CMU also got acceptance letters? Thanks
  12. Hi Guys! When will CMU start sending acceptance letters? Any idea ? Thanks
  13. Please if anyone can give some tips for interview , that ll be of great help .
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