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  1. Thank you! no idea, sorry... im trying to find the facebook group. if i do ill let u know how many members there are
  2. anyone know what the interviews is like? i have an upcoming one!
  3. Do you have any recommendations on how i can improve my application or gaining other experience? I will be working full time as a MA in an addictions medicine practice and im not sure it will be enough. im also waiting to hear back from schools and worried how i can explain this to my interviewers if i even get one. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm currently in a dilemma- I am a 26 y/o currently waiting to hear back from PA schools as a second round applicant but was let off from my previous job as a MA in an internal medicine practice where I had been working for about 5 months. Prior to that, I had a year gap working as a test prep instructor for SATs (money was issue at the time, wanted to explore teaching for a bit and take a break from medical field, and also take some post bacc classes to boost my science GPA). Before that, I worked as a MA at a urology practice for about 1.5 years where I got really good hands on experi
  5. Hey guys, I'm applying for my second cycle this year and was wondering if you can take a look at my personal statement to critique it. Definitely need some output as I feel my previous statement for the first cycle was weak. Appreciate it lots. Thank you! As a co-facilitator for a local support group for mental health, I worked with the main facilitator to provide a safe space for individuals struggling with anxiety and depression to talk about their feelings. As a participant and co-facilitator, I was able to relate to the struggles of others and extend my subj
  6. the whole bridging the cultural and language barrier, family sicknesses, and explaining lack of academic success is awesome. i think there should be more specific reasons that talk about the SPECIFIC role of a PA and why that is appealing. i am trying to do that for my essay as well.
  7. hey so do they send the supplemental application after you apply via CASPA?
  8. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone can review my personal statement. It's still a working draft, a bit over the character limit, with some awkward phrases and wording. I also wrote submitted actual names with (name) in the statement. I think I have a good set of growing and learning experiences to talk about but translating them and gearing them towards WHY i wish to be a PA is a bit difficult. Please give me honest and constructive feedback. Thank you for helping. Also willing to give input into other's statements as well. PA PERSONAL STATEMENT.docx
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