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  1. They just posted the information over this past weekend. Just a few days after my last comment about this information not being posted.
  2. Did anyone notice that this is their 4th year and that they do not have their PANCE pass rates up, one class has already graduated (2019)?
  3. Hello I contacted them today. They said that there may have been some delays in the holidays. It normally takes 7-10 business days but i was a able to get in contact with the enrollment associate for another option since the 2 week acceptance was almost up. Also the check status has been down all weekend. IT fixed the issue today but I do not think the enrollment associate was able to input any updated information.
  4. Hello. Sorry so late of a reply. I was hit by hurricane Michael so lost service for quite a while. Yes I was notified by email.
  5. Due to the hurricane, I will now be interviewing on November 5th.
  6. I just received an interview invitation ?. I will be interviewing October 15th. I am so excited. Good luck to everyone!! Thank you to the current students for your advice.
  7. Has anyone tried to use the “check admission status” feature on their website?
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