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  1. Hello I contacted them today. They said that there may have been some delays in the holidays. It normally takes 7-10 business days but i was a able to get in contact with the enrollment associate for another option since the 2 week acceptance was almost up. Also the check status has been down all weekend. IT fixed the issue today but I do not think the enrollment associate was able to input any updated information.
  2. Got my acceptance call this evening!!! So ? thrilled!!
  3. Hello. Sorry so late of a reply. I was hit by hurricane Michael so lost service for quite a while. Yes I was notified by email.
  4. Due to the hurricane, I will now be interviewing on November 5th.
  5. I just received an interview invitation ?. I will be interviewing October 15th. I am so excited. Good luck to everyone!! Thank you to the current students for your advice.
  6. Has anyone tried to use the “check admission status” feature on their website?
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