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  1. I am also interviewing December 5th! Would you guys like to meet up tomorrow night for dinner? It'd be nice having some familiar faces.
  2. I submitted the supplemental the day it was due.
  3. I received an interview for 12/5. Super excited! Anyone else interviewing at this time?
  4. Received an interview invite for 11/10 yesterday! Excited to go back to Pittsburgh. I'll be coming from WA.
  5. I'm still waiting to hear back about an interview or rejection. I emailed them to ask what the status of my application was and they said it was still under review. Soo likely the case for a bunch of you guys too!
  6. I have an interview in Seattle 11/1 and am local too. I would love to meet up the weekend prior! I work the night before and won't be able to make that.
  7. I have an interview 1/29 so much later in the game than you guys. Excited to hear what you guys think of campus and the interview!
  8. I'm flying in from Seattle and have never been to WV so hoping to take a look around while there. I'd be down to meet up for lunch as well! @JessieZ27 MyPath and Pippin
  9. Hi all! I just received an interview offer for August 29th. Looking forward to meeting some of you and checking out this awesome school.
  10. Hi everyone! I was placed on the interview wait list. I asked what position I was on the wait list was but they weren't able to disclose this information. Fingers crossed!
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