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  1. Matt123

    2018-2019 CASPA cycle

    Interviewed last Monday, was just accepted today
  2. Matt123

    2018-2019 CASPA cycle

    Anyone from Monday’s interview hear back yet?
  3. Matt123

    2018-2019 CASPA cycle

    Is what your saying that my interview Monday is for a waitlist position?
  4. Matt123

    2018-2019 CASPA cycle

    Applied July 6th verified the 9th
  5. Matt123

    2018-2019 CASPA cycle

    Just received an interview invite today for November 19th!
  6. Matt123


    Does anyone know if once you make it to the interview if your application still matters or if it’s all based on your interview performance now? My application is not the best but I received an interview
  7. Matt123

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    So what you’re saying is the invites that were sent out yesterday were the final ones? I still haven’t heard anything at all
  8. Question; does the NUMC program start this upcoming January or is it for January of 2020.. I just noticed the start date and I applied there while in my senior year for my bachelors rn. Thank you!

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