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  1. Hello! I am a new grad PA and I start a job in a month for a GI consulting service. I will spend 3 weeks of the month in the hospital doing consults, rounding, dictating notes and 1 week in clinic. I did a rotation in GI during school, but it was all outpatient Hepatology with a day a week in a general GI clinic. So I don't feel super prepared to go to the consulting service right now. Can any GI PAs recommend any books/resources that you found helpful for hospital work? It would be greatly appreciated!! I found a book online called: Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatolo
  2. @PACJD Thank you for the encouraging words!! One problem I know I make is that I don't apply to jobs that require experience and only apply to jobs that mention they are open to new grads. I have been told by peers to apply to all jobs even if it requires years of experience but because I am looking for a company open to training a new grad, I won't budge on that aspect. The sad thing is that this facility already hired a new grad PA with this salary- so when I tried to negotiate a higher salary they said no because they need to be consistent with the salary they provide. Thanks
  3. @Boatswain2PA Thanks for the advice! Maybe I will consider taking the UC job- I am just scared being solo after 1-2 weeks of shadowing and a few months of working in the same facility with another provider. I just don't see how they can be comfortable with me seeing the exact same patients as physicians with significantly less training and without a support staff nearby. I love the idea of having another provider in the same facility that I can consult if I do encounter a "zebra." The contract does not have a timeframe- I can give a 90 day notice and leave. Hmmm decisions decisions.
  4. @Boatswain2PA 1) Nothing wrong with my CV. Initially out of school I applied for residencies/fellowships- that process took from Feb-->April: with my last interview in April) I had a couple of interviews for jobs in my city in the meantime but 1st I didn't want to commit to anything that required a year contract because I was hoping to land a residency and 2nd the jobs I interviewed for wanted me to be solo after a week of learning the EMR. I found out mid-may that I did not land the last residency From Mid may- end of June I was applying in my state only and realized it was way
  5. @PACJDThanks for the advice! What about the fact that I graduated in December? What if this is the best/only option I get?? I hate this huge stretch of time I have off-- I applied to residencies once I graduated and made it to the final round on one of them but ultimately didn't get any. So then my next choice was to find a job in my home city but that I found out was nearly impossible for a new grad... So now I am searching anywhere within 10 hours of my city for a job. Benefits are okay I think- I would pay 200 a month for health, dental and vision. They pay malpractice but no tail cove
  6. @marktheshark89 Thanks for the advice! Yes, I think its very very low.. but the fear that I may not get any other offers is what is making me want to take it. I tried to negotiate a higher salary but it was a no go.
  7. So I am a new grad.. I was offered a job in a specialty. Pay is 80k. Schedule: 2 weeks hospital, + on call 1 of those weeks (call from nurse and pts not from Physicians which goes to on call physician). 2 weeks outpatient. PTO: 15 days/ year. + holidays. 200/month for insurance. CME 2 days. 1500$ Do you think the pay is too low ? Also let me add that I graduated in December-2017- I was trying SO hard to find a job in my city but could not-- eventually gave up and applied outside of my state. I am scared this may be the best offer I can get because of my time off.
  8. Okay. So I have been having trouble finding a job out of PA school. I graduated in December. I applied to a few residencies and fellowships and made it to the final round of one of the residencies but ultimately was not chosen. (This process took 2.5 months of my life= 1.5 months waiting for the interview and 1 month waiting for the results). So now I am 7 months out of school and without a job. The biggest problem is that I struggle with confidence. I did very well on all my tests in school but I feel like 2 years in school wasn't enough for me to be ready to practice medicine. Unfortuna
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