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  1. Hello! I am a new grad PA and I start a job in a month for a GI consulting service. I will spend 3 weeks of the month in the hospital doing consults, rounding, dictating notes and 1 week in clinic. I did a rotation in GI during school, but it was all outpatient Hepatology with a day a week in a general GI clinic. So I don't feel super prepared to go to the consulting service right now. Can any GI PAs recommend any books/resources that you found helpful for hospital work? It would be greatly appreciated!! I found a book online called: Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2nd Edition--- It is quite pricy-- 250$.... But it if it useful I will buy it. Please any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. @PACJD Thank you for the encouraging words!! One problem I know I make is that I don't apply to jobs that require experience and only apply to jobs that mention they are open to new grads. I have been told by peers to apply to all jobs even if it requires years of experience but because I am looking for a company open to training a new grad, I won't budge on that aspect. The sad thing is that this facility already hired a new grad PA with this salary- so when I tried to negotiate a higher salary they said no because they need to be consistent with the salary they provide. Thanks again, I really needed to read some encouraging words for a change. I keep hearing from myself and everyone (understandably) that I needed to have started working a long long time ago. I will do some more thinking this weekend before giving them an answer. Thanks again!!
  3. @Boatswain2PA Thanks for the advice! Maybe I will consider taking the UC job- I am just scared being solo after 1-2 weeks of shadowing and a few months of working in the same facility with another provider. I just don't see how they can be comfortable with me seeing the exact same patients as physicians with significantly less training and without a support staff nearby. I love the idea of having another provider in the same facility that I can consult if I do encounter a "zebra." The contract does not have a timeframe- I can give a 90 day notice and leave. Hmmm decisions decisions. I need to give the 80k job an answer by Monday -so tonight and tomorrow I will do some soul searching haha Thanks!
  4. @Boatswain2PA 1) Nothing wrong with my CV. Initially out of school I applied for residencies/fellowships- that process took from Feb-->April: with my last interview in April) I had a couple of interviews for jobs in my city in the meantime but 1st I didn't want to commit to anything that required a year contract because I was hoping to land a residency and 2nd the jobs I interviewed for wanted me to be solo after a week of learning the EMR. I found out mid-may that I did not land the last residency From Mid may- end of June I was applying in my state only and realized it was way too saturated so I began applying outside. Since applying out of my state I have gotten many interviews in various states- but one of the things I am looking for in a job is not to be solo for at least the first 6 months (this may be unreasonable to expect from a job... not sure). All of the interviews and job acceptances I have had, wanted me to be solo within approx 2 weeks. I am just not comfortable doing that, hence why I wanted the residency/fellowship. = I never said I couldn't find a job within 10 hours. I couldn't find a job in my home city but I am easily getting job interviews for jobs outside my state- but I am limiting myself to a 10 hour drive. I have gotten an offer for the practice which is offering 80k. I have gotten an offer for an UC which is maybe 7 hours away (but this would have me being solo after "a week or two of shadowing then maybe a month or 2 of working with another provider in one of the busier clinics.") I have a phone interview for a GI job coming up at the end of Aug = 5 hours from my home city-but I don't know if it's wise to let go of these opportunities I have now- since as you stated I am an "extreme" case with my absence from working. I do shadow/volunteer at a clinic currently and plan to continue doing so until I do land a job so I can continue to learn. Another big mistake I made - is when I was applying for jobs I was using DocCafe- and for months didn't get ANYTHING. The moment I started using Indeed the phone calls from recruiters/jobs started rolling in. Maybe since I am almost 10 months out, the best I can get is a low salary. IDK. Just eager to start working. I want to work somewhere that I can learn and grow my skills as a PA/ not somewhere where I have no support system. Thanks for the advice
  5. @PACJDThanks for the advice! What about the fact that I graduated in December? What if this is the best/only option I get?? I hate this huge stretch of time I have off-- I applied to residencies once I graduated and made it to the final round on one of them but ultimately didn't get any. So then my next choice was to find a job in my home city but that I found out was nearly impossible for a new grad... So now I am searching anywhere within 10 hours of my city for a job. Benefits are okay I think- I would pay 200 a month for health, dental and vision. They pay malpractice but no tail coverage. Location is okay since its 4 hours from my home city. I really love the field of GI but I was hoping for an outpatient job. (I had one rotation of inpatient hospital work during my clinical year so I def don't feel confident in this area). I asked about bonuses and they just said sometimes they give quarterly bonuses based on production but "There have been quarters that we have paid bonuses, and quarters where we have not." I have another interview for a job 6 hours from my house in GI (all outpatient) but that is just a phone interview and it's not until Aug 27th. The thought of taking more time off is daunting. I am currently shadowing 3 days a week at an endocrinology practice near my house so I don't look like I am totally useless. Thank you again for the advice!!!
  6. @marktheshark89 Thanks for the advice! Yes, I think its very very low.. but the fear that I may not get any other offers is what is making me want to take it. I tried to negotiate a higher salary but it was a no go.
  7. So I am a new grad.. I was offered a job in a specialty. Pay is 80k. Schedule: 2 weeks hospital, + on call 1 of those weeks (call from nurse and pts not from Physicians which goes to on call physician). 2 weeks outpatient. PTO: 15 days/ year. + holidays. 200/month for insurance. CME 2 days. 1500$ Do you think the pay is too low ? Also let me add that I graduated in December-2017- I was trying SO hard to find a job in my city but could not-- eventually gave up and applied outside of my state. I am scared this may be the best offer I can get because of my time off.
  8. Okay. So I have been having trouble finding a job out of PA school. I graduated in December. I applied to a few residencies and fellowships and made it to the final round of one of the residencies but ultimately was not chosen. (This process took 2.5 months of my life= 1.5 months waiting for the interview and 1 month waiting for the results). So now I am 7 months out of school and without a job. The biggest problem is that I struggle with confidence. I did very well on all my tests in school but I feel like 2 years in school wasn't enough for me to be ready to practice medicine. Unfortunately, all of the fellowships and residences have deadlines that have passed so I am trying to find a job that will be welcoming of a new grad and be training heavy. I have a few interviews/job offers but need some advice of which would be best for me. One job primary care. They will give me 1-2 weeks of shadowing the doctor then 2 months of working in the same clinic with the doctor who I can utilize for questions. After that time I would be solo at one of the clinics. Pay is okay 90k but job is in California which is kind of expensive. One job is Urgent care. Shadowing for maybe 1 month then would be solo "sometimes" at 2 of their locations. But able to call doc at other locations if I have a question. Better pay and benefits than the primary care job. But I have read on the forum that Urgent care may not be the best for a new grad to start in. One jobs is endocrinology (I am scared this may be too specific for my first job and I may not be able to get out of this specialty if I end up not liking it). Any advice of which I should take if offered the position (knowing that I am a new grad who struggles with confidence)? I wish there were more residencies and fellowships for pAs! Thanks!
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