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  1. OnTheWay2PA

    2019 Cohort

    Giving up my acceptance here as I have been accepted to another program. I hope it goes to someone waiting on the call!
  2. OnTheWay2PA

    South university Richmond - 2018-2019

    Got accepted 11/19 and couldn’t be more excited!! Looking forward to meeting you all very soon . Does anyone have any recommendations for health insurance companies?
  3. OnTheWay2PA

    Lipscomb 2018-2019 Applicants

    Just withdrew my interview for Dec. 19 since I have been accepted elsewhere! Hopefully it goes to someone that may be waiting for an interview invite.
  4. OnTheWay2PA

    2019 Cohort

    I was on the waitlist since 8/11 interview, and just got the call today for acceptance! My first acceptance in my first app cycle- can hardly believe it. The waiting game is a killer, but an acceptance is just around the corner for you. Hang in there!
  5. OnTheWay2PA

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Got an email this morning saying my app is still being reviewed. Hopefully we will all find out soon about any interview invites.
  6. OnTheWay2PA

    South university Richmond - 2018-2019

    Waitlisted from the 8/10 interview
  7. OnTheWay2PA

    2019 Cohort

    I applied July 9th, verified July 16th, interview invite on July 19th
  8. OnTheWay2PA

    2019 Cohort

    Hey everyone! Just got my very first offer to interview for Saturday, August 11th!

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