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  1. I was told where I'm at on the waitlist, now just wish I knew what the odds of getting pulled off of it are. The wait is not fun anymore lol
  2. Was the 2/19 the last interview?? I'm hoping that the wait list will start moving soon
  3. I am on the standby list I think? I received an email back in August after my interview saying they weren't able to decide so my application is still under review? So I don't think it was a waitlist but I'm really not sure lol
  4. To anyone who has interviewed, I would love to hear what the day was like and whether it was easygoing or intense?? Congrats to everyone accepted ?
  5. Yep I’m from the 10/29, if anyone has any insight on the waitlist do share! We’re in this wait together!
  6. Hey everyone, I am wondering if anybody has some good questions to ask a developing program during my interview. I would like to ask the questions necessary for me to decide if I want to go there but can't think of any. Thanks in advance!
  7. Anybody who has had an interview already, has anyone received an email stating that they haven't made a decision yet, but that you are still a competitive applicant and your app is still under review? I'm not sure what to think of this...
  8. For those who had an interview already I'd love to hear about it! Was it easygoing? Any tips or pointers??
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