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  1. I received an email acceptance on Friday (2/15), a week after my 2/8 interview!
  2. I believe all people on the waitlist got that. You can call Judy and she will tell you your number on the list!
  3. Judy told me it means they are still interested in our application and will review it periodically. She also said they rank them sometime in January or February and can tell us our spot when that Happens. I’m assuming the number of people getting pulled off this list depends on how many others accept or how the rest of the interviews go!
  4. I think it is similar to what other schools refer to as a waitlist. Judy told me they are still interested in the application and will periodically review it and update us if the status changes. I do not believe it means there are no spots left but rather depends on how many spots are getting filled in the meantime.
  5. Congrats to everyone that has been accepted so far! I interviewed in early October and was placed on the accept/hold list. Just curious how many others have also been placed on it so far?
  6. Do you mean in general or regarding an interview invite or post-interview acceptance? I haven’t looked at the rest of the thread so I apologize if you’ve already clarified that. I received an interview invite via email and my acceptance via email as well. About a week after the acceptance email something came in the mail. My understanding is they do most by email first but if you are concerned I would reach out to them on your status. It took them longer than the 2 week time frame to tell me their decision and when I emailed them they were very nice!
  7. Did anyone who interviewed on September 12 hear back yet?
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