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  1. It's February 1st!!! Has anyone called to see where you are on the waitlist? I want to know.... but I also don't want to know. Ha! Good luck everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor......
  2. Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist yet?
  3. As long as their CASPA is open you can apply! They have 2 interviews left (that I know of) in February and March, so there is still time! I would go for it! Good Luck
  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting you in May!
  5. Hello Everyone! I was accepted into a rural PA program that begins in May 2019. Unfortunately, the program is relatively new and the community has not grown to fit the student population. With the severe lack of apartments and homes for rent I am already scrambling to find available units. My issue is that I have no idea how to figure out my budget. I am not planning to fill out my FASFA until January. Is there a way to estimate how much money I will be getting through my loans to pay for living expenses?
  6. THANK YOU!!!!! This is extremely helpful!!!! I'll look into Francis Apartments and join the facebook group.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm not sure if any of you look at this page anymore. But I was accepted into the 2019 cohort and was wondering where you guys are living and how you got in touch with classmates to room with?
  8. I contacted E&H and they do not set up a facebook page or communication for their new students. I would really like to meet my new cohort! If you are interested in meeting up or possibly living together please contact me. SamanthaDietter@gmail.com
  9. Where is the best place to live? I am having a hard time finding apartment or rental home information online.
  10. Looking forward to meeting you in May!!! Hopefully, when interviews are over they will set up a facebook page for us to connect!
  11. As long as their CASPA is still open it isn't too late to apply! I think they do interviews through January. Go for it!!
  12. Congrats! Looking forward to meeting you in May!!
  13. Do you guys know if they call everyone at once? Or if its an ongoing process throughout the day. I haven't heard anything yet.?
  14. Best wishes to everyone on Monday!!! I hope we all get phone calls. Fingers crossed!! I enjoyed meeting everyone on Friday. You are all so impressive it was quite intimidating.
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