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  1. Hi everyone, I’m a current student and absolutely love Quinnipiac. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the program via message. Good luck to you all, I know the process is tough, but it so worth it!
  2. I feel super fortunate to have been offered an interview, but I will be turning it down since I have been accepted to my first choice program. Congrats to those who have already been accepted and good luck to everyone waiting to hear! The process is tough, but it will eventually all be worth it!
  3. I will be declining my interview invite as I have been accepted to my top choice. Good luck to everyone in November!
  4. I will also be attending QU! Can't wait to meet you all and good luck to everyone interviewing today!
  5. I will be giving up my seat as I have been accepted to a school closer to home. Congrats to everyone who has been admitted so far and good luck to those waiting to hear. I hope my space goes to one of you!
  6. I was just accepted today from the 7/20 interview group! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear
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