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  1. I did today... I was unfortunately rejected. Goodluck to everyone!
  2. Unfortunately not. Still waiting and praying for good news!
  3. She emailed me last Friday and said everyone would be notified by the end of this week.
  4. @Ransar3I just recently got in contact with MSJ and they told me that they are finishing interviews today and that everyone should hear something by the end of next week. So fingers crossed!
  5. You and me both! Good luck and hopefully we hear soon.
  6. @Ransar3 I’m going to wait until the end of the week and then call and check on my status if I haven’t heard back. They told our group 2 weeks so I feel that’s fair to call after a month. I hope we hear something soon. I’m anxious and really want to go to MSJ!
  7. Has anyone heard or called to check on their app?
  8. Have you heard back from MSJ? Just wondering the time frame it takes to hear back from them after interviews.
  9. @onedayPA7 there is another thread for MSJ program currently where some people have had interviews and a current student commented. Check that forum out! Congrats on the interview!
  10. @MSJPASociety Hi! I have an interview coming up at MSJ and I’m extremely interested in attending the program! Do you remember how the interview day runs and how long it took to hear back from admissions about their decision? Also do you recommend bringing any hard copies of any documents like resume or LORs to the interview? Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
  11. For those who have submitted the supplemental, have you heard anything back from Wake about your status or interviews?
  12. Has anyone received/had an interview at MSJ?
  13. Hi! I know this is about a year later, but I recently received an interview invitation to MSJ and wanted to get some insight on how the day goes? thanks!
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