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  1. Awesome! What’s your name? I am Cassandra Goldman. It says on my profile I went to New Paltz !
  2. I interviewed October 18 and I know of someone who was accepted. I haven’t heard back. Assuming we are waitlisted. They said we might not hear til December
  3. So excited. Should we make a fb group to get to know each other ?
  4. Oh okay, wasn't aware it was only only interview ? Thanks so much! and congrats.
  5. Does anyone know how many people have been accepted to the SH campus/ if there are still spots?
  6. I got an interview invite yesterday and it was via email and it brings you to the portal to pick a date
  7. Hi guys, was offered an interview yesterday: chose October 2 at 8:30 AM I was verified and notified on June 8th!
  8. Yes that would be awesome, I will post more when I book my flight!
  9. Anyone else have an interview for October 30th? Coming from NY so I'm excited!
  10. Congrats! How exciting. It is interesting that they are calling. Do you mind telling me when your application was verified?
  11. Don’t say that! They go back and look. Until you get the email rejection you’re still in it. Don’t lose hope
  12. Hey guys, has anyone else received a call asking about an interview? Also to those who did interview, about how many people were there? I submitted my application a bit late so I feel like the waiting is gonna kill me !:)
  13. Hi! I got an email after I sent the secondary application that had the subject as "Receipt of Secondary Application". i would email or call them!
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