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  1. I see a few people are receiving acceptances the day after their interview, can anyone speak on if they have been notified that quickly about rejections?
  2. just submitted my supplemental! does anyone know what % of people who are chosen to complete the supplemental actually get chosen for interviews?
  3. it was just the fee and application info right? i didn't see a link to any supplemental questions
  4. @concernduck ETS still says mine are pending, i'll let you know if i have any issues !
  5. Just figured I would get the thread started for this cycle Caspa verified: 5/6 app received: 5/14 good luck to everyone applying!
  6. did you get confirmation that they received your app yet?
  7. i took genetics online through oregon state, its not self paced, but i also work full time and it was pretty easy to keep up with assignments and studying. it was about $1000 total (4 credits) but my other option was to take it at a local university at about $1000 per credit lol
  8. @haleydawn4 it was about $1000 total for the class, i think it was 4 credits
  9. if anyone is still looking for a genetics class, i took it at oregon state online ( i'm from PA ) and i quite liked it
  10. how have you improved your application form the first time applying, if you don't mind me asking? this is my first time and i'm just curious about the paths everyone else has taken!
  11. would anyone who was interviewed and then waitlisted mind sharing their stats?
  12. @jedunn verified 7/9, received confirmation from South on 7/10
  13. I also received an invite for the 8/3 interview today!
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