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  1. Have you been linked up to the Facebook group? There's been quite a few students looking for roommates.
  2. Well, for a general idea there are 29 members in the Facebook group and I think class size is 40. So possibly ~10 spots available?
  3. Ditto. Still holding out for that last interview spot!
  4. I received confirmation from Gannon June 26th after sending in CASPA May 28th.
  5. I interviewed that same day and haven't heard anything! Did you get back the results from your background check from Castlebranch? If so, you should be good to go.
  6. To me it sounds like the refund was in regards to the person that paid for the drug test on top of the $159, so they would be reimbursed for the drug test alone. I could be completely wrong but I'm pretty sure there's no way around paying the $159.
  7. When were you verified? I haven't heard anything since June 3rd.
  8. That's pretty much exactly what it was. A few presentations about staff, their program and a video tour of campus. Overall it took 4 hours.
  9. I'm in state and it was the baseline $159 through Castelbranch. I'm not sure if there are additional costs if you are out of state. When I made an appointment online with Labcorp I picked the drug test option and that was fine. Printed out the form and gave it to them when I took the test and I was good to go.
  10. I'd say pretty traditional. I'm trying to think back to the questions that were asked and can't think of anything out of the ordinary. But who's to say they won't switch up questions anyways. Also, you'll need to take care of Castlebranch, as the sooner you take care of that the sooner they will let you know if you've been accepted. Apparently you can't be accepted until that's completed.
  11. I had an interview on Thursday and it was only 1:1 interviews, 3 ten minute interviews.
  12. Sure, I'm currently at the University of South Florida. I would highly recommend this program. It's 11 months long and honestly I feel as though I've learned more in this program than I have in undergrad. It's a great program and they offer a lot of resources if you need them, interview prep, TAs, etc. I'm more than happy to share more if you have any other questions.
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