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  1. Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow. See ya bright and early.
  2. negative. interviews are still alive and well. myself and several others interviewees will be interviewing tomorrow (16 oct). *****post intended for (on campus) disregard this comment.
  3. i would suggest business professional both days. the faculty and current students get to see you far more often during the informational session. keep it professional for both. panel style is one faculty member, one current PA from the field and one student from the program. ..(and you of course).
  4. extremely laid back day. the faculty will stress this. some enthusiastic students on hand from the current class to give tours and answer questions. total: 16 interviewees expect a group discussion topic with half the other interviewees. 2 separate interviews. both with a faculty member and a current student/or one that has recently graduated. standard questions pertaining to your path choice and some resume/cv specific questions. comfortable, conversational environment. a writing portion answering questions that gauge your thought process/approach to various situations. nothing cosmic or extremely deep. just enjoy the atmosphere and take in the program and vibe.
  5. answering both questions mentioned above... marathoner: within the next 2 weeks, is my guess. diggy: the friday session started around 1:45 pm and ended just before 8:00 pm.
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