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  1. I just got my acceptance offer!! Also in the email they said that the Harrisburg campus is currently full
  2. So did I! I loved the interview day, I got a really good vibe there. The current students leading my group said that they heard back relatively quickly after their interviews, so I'm hoping we do as well.
  3. Same!! I've been checking my mail like a crazy person.
  4. Has anyone heard back yet? This wait is brutal.
  5. I just received an interview invite for late January! I'm still waiting to hear back from a few programs, hopefully in the next week or two, but most likely I will accept the interview! I have a deposit down for a school that starts in January, so I'm not sure what to do. Is anyone else experiencing this because of the staggered application cycle? I'm so excited about Barry though, I'm from NY so the prospect of not enduring another winter is huge
  6. Does anyone know when we will hear back from the 11/9 interview? The website says within 6 weeks of the final interview date, but I was wondering if anyone heard if it might be earlier?
  7. Thanks! Actually, I was placed on the waitlist on November 5th and received my acceptance on the 14th.
  8. I just got an invitation to interview on November 1st! I was not expecting to hear back at this point, but I'm excited to meet everyone interviewing that day! Does anyone know how close they are to filling the class?
  9. Hello! I'm applying next cycle (in a gap year now) and Wake is my top choice. I was wondering about the biochem prerequisite and what you guys took for that. The website says, "a survey or combined course will not meet this requirement." I took an introductory biochem course (400 level though) in undergrad and I'm wondering if I need to take an additional upper level biochem? Thanks and good luck to you all!!
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