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  1. I was responding to the pevious post, just a few days ago it was 13... like I said, students still taking the exam and more data will come soon.
  2. Only 13/30 or 35 students took the test to date. Don't overthink it. Check back in a few months to see final stats.
  3. Students and staff confirmed that it was the last interview date. They've interviewed about 150 people out of 1800+ applicants.
  4. CSOM admission is on non-rolling bases, so it doesn't matter when you submitted, as long as it was verified before the deadline. Good luck!
  5. I got an acceptance call on Tuesday, December 11th from December 6 interview.
  6. At the presentation before the interviews we were told that many students find rotations in their home states, it is possible! There are 2 flexible rotations (the type is determined for you but you can choose the locations) and one elective - so theoretically you can have all 3 rotations in your home state.
  7. That I don't know, I'm sure they will let you know
  8. I called them and they said that the class is full and any future interview invites (if there will be any) will be for teh waitlist...
  9. No, they filled their last interview date some time ago, unfortunately:(
  10. Was accepted 10 minutes after my interview! It does happen:)
  11. I think having a good feeling about the school, and generally being excited to be there is very very important - it will make it so much easier for you to be successful at the school you really want to be. In the end, you will make enough money to cover all the tuition expenses/loans you may have. You will spend the 2 most intense years in that school, so you better go in being excited about being there:) Good luck!
  12. There will be more interviews for sure! It 's just the first batch! I'll be there on 11/5:)
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