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  1. Mine hasn’t changed yet! And I still have those red check marks. My last name starts with P
  2. Hello for everyone willing to meet Sunday October 14th, we will be meeting at the Old Soul @ 40 acres around 4 pm. If that does not work for you please reply and we can possibly figure out a time that works for everyone ?. I can’t wait to meet you guys! @DSoup @gdhaliwal @kichiang @shells77 @Bonist55 @aberino @acc0unt @DNeal57 @mac1994 @sophiacoelho
  3. Hello I’ve invited two other people to meet at the “Old Soul @ 40 acres” on the 14th, still haven’t heard back from them so I’m not too sure on a time. I would love for all of us to get together!
  4. Hello, I will also be interviewing the 15th! From reading past forums there’s some sort of group project and then a 1-2 minute “elevator speech”. Im trying to set up a meet and greet the night before the interview at the “Old Soul @ 40 acres”, it would be great if you could join us ?
  5. @StephanieHampton and @prepameg don’t let it discourage you, I was denied to every other school I applied to! I honestly think my personal statement helped me out.
  6. You are amazing! Don’t let this bring you down, there’s still time! Is Davis your top choice? Is this your first year applying?
  7. Thank you! I submitted my application on May 14th but wasn’t verified until June 4th after my last evaluation was received. I received the invite Friday around 5pm but just looked at this forum this morning. I hope you hear back too! ??
  8. I will also be interviewing 10/15! My stats aren’t great, and this is my first year applying so I’m really shocked I was chosen for an interview! Gpa: 3.03 Scribe hours: 1,140 Shadowing hours: 50 volunteer hours (underserved community): 540 From reading the vision and mission statements, the school is big on diversity, which I think helped me out a lot! If you would like to know more go ahead and ask away. I can’t wait to meet some of you very soon! Question: From reading past forums, I see that there were meet and greets the night prior to the visit day... will that still be happening this year?
  9. How was the interview? I applied here and got verified but haven’t heard anything since
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