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  1. Did you fly Spirit by chance? Seems like a pretty straight forward flight but of course mother nature has thrown a bit of a curve ball out here with possible ice/snow Thurs-Fri. But I feel like if any airport has managing ice/snow down to a science, it's Newark! We're coming in from Bethlehem so not far from Nazareth at all.
  2. I would like to if I get in at a decent time! Flying in from PA to Las Vegas and then driving over so hoping it's a (fairly) painless process.
  3. I wonder if you selected no preference on your application, if they ask during your interview? I'd be interested to hear what others say to this. I selected no preference and genuinely am open to either campus. Both have some unique "pro's" and very few con's. Unless you don't like snow. Then maybe SLC has a big con
  4. How did your interview go?! I’m still hoping there are more invites to come!
  5. Has anyone received confirmation that their supplemental application has been received/processed?
  6. I imagine we're all trying to read the tea leaves and refreshing our emails obsessively... I just breezed through last years forum and it looked like this week last year there was a flurry of activity! Lots of people got interview/candidate day dates and some were a week or two from the date they got the email. I know no news is good news but the waiting is tough! Fingers crossed we get some information soon ?
  7. This is helpful information. Thank you! That's a long time to wait but at least they send them out.
  8. Congrats to everyone who has been offered an interview! It's got to be an exciting and relieving step in this stressful process. Anyone here on the forum receive a rejection? Just wanted to see if folks were getting news the other way... Best of luck to everyone as this process moves along :)
  9. Hi everyone! I applied and was verified around July 9. I received an email from there August 28 that ended up in my spam folder. Header was something along the lines about a decision had been made on my application. I had to login to the site to get the official rejection notice. I knew based on the first acknowledgment email that I was not going to get in due to a C+ in Gen Chem I and I was not planning on retaking the course but I just let things play out. So, for those of you guys who haven't heard anything, first check your Spam folders. If you haven't heard anything, you are very l
  10. Congrats to everyone who has gotten interviews! What an exciting next step!! Still waiting here. I was verified July 9th so I was a bit late in the cycle.
  11. Anyone had any updates from Desales lately? I know they started interviews and (if I remember right) they end up doing interviews twice a month. Their deadline is so much later so maybe they do smaller interviews? Ugghh - the waiting game is tough!
  12. Here's a blurb from the email: "A comprehensive review of your verified application was conducted, and it was determined that you do not meet the minimum standard for Science & Math Prerequisite GPA. This GPA is individually calculated outside of CASPA for each applicant using the weighted grades from the following six program prerequisites ONLY: General Chemistry I with Lab, General Chemistry II with lab, Microbiology, Statistics, Anatomy, and Physiology." I am assuming (which I could be wrong) that this is the BCP calculation. Overall science GPA includes all science courses
  13. Hi all! I've been avoiding posting this but I think it's helpful for others to know. (I've been checking the boards a bit too frequently looking for any clues on acceptance/rejection info.) I received an email around 10:30 PM EST last night that my application did not make it through initial evaluation. My BCP were 2.96 so it did not meet the 3.0 cutoff. I'm sharing this information hoping it will save someone a few bucks in the future. My overall science GPA is higher (above 3.0) but since Sullivan uses the BCP, the higher level sciences didn't bump it at all. Best of luck to a
  14. Has anyone heard back from there? I was verified July 5th and haven't gotten an email confirming they got the application, instructions for a supplemental, etc.
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