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  1. I'm saying the person knows himself/herself best and encouraging them to take charge of their own situation and listen to himself/herself. I'm not trying to influence the person to go to school or take a break. I'm encouraging her/him to make the decision for himself/herself and to not base decisions off of what random people say. After all we know ourselves best. I agree, health comes first whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. I'm just saying just because something bad happened and you lost control, it will never define you or your ability. I'm trying to encourage empowerment and not pretend like I know what is best.
  2. Please do not listen to this response; it is clearly abysmal and uncalled for. You know yourself better than anyone, especially compared to random people on an online forum. That being said, do take care of yourself. Your mental health comes first and PA school can be a significant source of stress. Listen to your body and prioritize your well-being. You got this! You would not have gotten into PA school if anyone thought you couldn't handle it. To actually answer your question, I do not believe this would affect you getting licensed at all, but I do not know that for a fact.
  3. I'm unsure that you took the time to read my original statement. I asked "how important" it is, not if it is a deal breaker. If I believed it was a deal breaker, I wouldn't have applied posting and be postponing my application until I secured a PA/MD LOR. I am looking to assess how detrimental it would be to my application from not at all to moderately/severely detrimental. However, I never thought it would be a deal breaker or something to prevent me from applying. I only put my stats in to give context to my situation as I figure strong GPA/GRE could counterbalance no PA LOR in my situation (or at least soften the blow). It better allows people to give a more tailored response to my question. Everyone has strong points and weak points in his/her application. Although my GPA/GRE are good, my PCE and LORs are weaker. Would you say I was flexing my stats if I had strong LORs and PCE but low GPA/GRE?
  4. I understand a LOR from a practitioner would be helpful, but I cannot imagine it would be a deal breaker for my application. Additionally, I think there are much more important things to obsess over such as GPA and PCE/HCE. I have a good amount of shadowing and know what work as a PA and MD entails. It's hard for me to believe that a mediocre letter from one of these individuals would outweigh a shining letter from a second professor or boss. Also, from just shadowing a PA/MD, he/she could only attest to your interest in PA studies, not patient interaction etc to gauge if it's a good fit. Also, I don't understand your last statement. What are "a's"?
  5. It's not that I want to skip that, I just haven't been able to find a PA/MD/NP I can consistently shadow that works with my schedule. I would love to be able to find a PA who I could be given the opportunity to connect with enough to write me a good LOR. I'm just trying to determine if it will significantly hinder my chances of acceptance into a PA program.
  6. Hello, I am planning on applying in the 2019-2020 cycle. I am wondering how important a PA/MD/NP recommendation is. Currently, I plan on getting two academic references (gen chem professor that I did research with & physiology professor) as well as a supervisor for my EMT job (I can either do the boss of the dept who is not a health care provider, or the second in command, who is an EMT as well...or both?) I have some shadowing with various providers (no more than 20 hrs with each), but I do not feel that they would write me an amazing recommendation--probably a generic one which I imagine would backfire. I have seen a good number of programs require a reference from a PA/MD/NP/DO, but as an EMT who does not work with these providers, I am unsure how to procure a good recommendation from one. Also some quick stats for me... Biology & Public Health Double Major (BS) cGPA: 3.93 sGPA: 3.93 GRE: 321 (156V, 165Q, 4.5A) PCE: 1250 hours EMT-B (900 Volunteer, 350 Paid)... I intend on getting more between applying and matriculating. 150 paid MA back office HCE: none? (Is this concerning? Or does the fact that I have PCE negate the necessity of this?) Shadowing: 140 - 15 w/derm PA, 10 w/Cardiology PA, 20 w/internal medicine MD, 15 w/Geriatrician MD, 20 w/Podiatrist MD, 20 w/ED MDs, 20 w/Senior Health MDs, 10 w/Pediatrics MDs, 10 w/Pediatrics NP. Volunteering: 100 hour internship with food basket, 50 elementary school tutoring Research: 400 hours environmental chemistry research (2 publications) Here are my prereqs - Gen Bio I (A-), Gen Bio II (A), Anatomy (A), Physiology (A), Microbiology (A), Biochemistry (A), Genetics (A), Intro stats (A), Gen Chem I (A), Gen Chem II (A-), Orgo I (A-), Orgo II (A), Gen Psyc (A), Abnormal Psyc (A), Developmental Psyc (A), Med Term (A) I also have taken other science courses...Gen Physics I & II (A/A), Molecular Biology (A), Epidemiology (A), & Virology (A).
  7. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows how strict program are when it comes to exact unit requirements for prerequisite courses. I go to a university on the quarter system, so my classes do not always convert cleanly to semester unit requirements. I've seen plenty of schools require 4 semester hours each for Human Anatomy, Human Phys, Microbiology, etc; however, these classes are 5 quarter units each at my university (3.33 semester units equivalent). I know some programs explicitly say their requirement for quarter hours, but some do not explicitly indicate the required quarter hours for a given course. Thanks.
  8. My practice tests were really similar to my actual score. Kaplan: 154V 166Q ETS: 156V 161Q Actual: 156V 165Q 4.5A I think you're right to say a good score is around 155 for each. At least that is what I've seen from PA school stats ? Good luck!!
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