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  1. Hey everyone! Congrats to those who got accepted! I received the phone call this morning as well! So excited to start!!
  2. Does anyone know how long after the interview we should expect to hear back?
  3. The way I am interpreting the email is to just update them once the Fall semester ends and then they will finish reviewing our application. I'm not taking it as a rejection because I still meet their requirement to finish by Fall. I had a similar issue with NOVA Ft Lauderdale.
  4. I applied August 23, took Casper exam August 28, and received an interview invite on September 19.
  5. I'm so happy to say I received an interview invite today! I have the afternoon session on October 30th!
  6. Timesheet should work! And thats awesome about Casper. If you apply today lmk when you hear back!
  7. Dang hopefully you don't have to pay and take it again ? I'm honestly not sure what would cover the intro to research class but if you email/call please let me know what they say because I'm sure a lot of people are in that same boat.
  8. I signed up to take it as soon as I applied on CASPA because Casper gives you a specific day to take it so it's better to do it ASAP!
  9. They accepted my Thesis class as a research class and they accept anything equivalent so I'm sure that would work!
  10. They have been established in Erie, Pennsylvania for a 5 year program for high school graduates as well as a 2 year program for post bacc. They now have a new post bacc in FL and will be getting accredited in March 2019 (fingers crossed).
  11. http://www.gannon.edu/Academic-Offerings/Health-Professions-and-Sciences/Graduate/Master-of-Physician-Assistant-Science/Admission-Requirements/ This is the link for the post bachelor's PA program in Ruskin, FL!
  12. I don't want to keep bothering anyone on this thread so I will make a post about it under the Gannon thread I made if you wanna check that out!
  13. No problem, keep me updated if you decide to apply! They're in the same boat as UT with accreditation status so I figured it's worth a shot.
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