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  1. 6oo6le

    Alaska interest

    I gave up. I now have 2 other jobs in my state and decided to settle down here.
  2. Strange how eerily relatable this post this....I'm right there with you feeling extremely discouraged with being a PA. I just had to leave my job yesterday due to feeling unsafe as well, after only working for 5 weeks. What was presented to me during the interview process and what was documented on the delegation agreement was NOT what was actually happening. The supervising MD touted his skills and love of teaching and mentoring. The delegation agreement said he would be having daily conference calls in order for good supervision. The reality was that I was left on my own and was berated for asking stupid questions. To add to that, I was expected to take calls for multiple other buildings for other docs I've never met, for other nurses and patients I never met, and to make snap medical decisions at 3 am without having full assessments by nurses, to beef up medical charts in order to meet requirements for facilities to make money, and to contend with sue happy family members. When I asked to explain myself, the MD stated this was a one way conversation and that he had already given me a hour of his time LAST week for a talk. The delegation agreement said he would be available for conference calls DAILY. It also said that if he was off, then the PA would cease to operate medically. Why were we informed via email to not bother him with questions while he's taking time off then? I felt clinically unsafe, and that my license was up for grabs. After having poor luck with finding work for practically 6 months, now I feel terrible about myself and am doubting whether I belong in this field. I feel like giving up but I know that I have the compassion and skills and drive. I am at a loss for words.
  3. I have two full sleeves and have been practicing for 4 years. Used to work in nursing homes. Also was offered a surgery job. No one cares. Worse case scenario - cover it up. Only person that cared was my traditional father. Even the elderly patients encouraged me to show it off. But I normally act and dress the professional "part."
  4. 6oo6le

    Alaska interest

    It's now past 5 months and a few days....I'm giving up on my dream job because I'm now going broke waiting for AK Board to grant me a license...Spoke with another person who is doing another set of background for the local hospital and was told the had 6 providers pull out of their application within 3 months due to the extensive waiting. He said "now you know why AK has a shortage of providers!" Upon further re-reading their application, it stated the process will take 8-12 weeks (lies). Additionally, after 6 months, documents are considered stale and must be re-submitted. I don't think so Alaska.
  5. Expungement means nothing - the teaching and medical field sees ALL expungement on your record. Don't even bother trying to get anything expunged. True story.
  6. No, but I would run far far away. When choosing locums, I expect to be pampered and catered to. How I see it is they're pimping me out - a high end prostitute who makes loads of money for their agency. If they don't cater to me, they don't get paid. It's a symbiotic relationship that puts me in the driver's seat. Bump that nonsense!
  7. 6oo6le

    Mental Breakdown Round 2

    Been there - your story sounds just like mine when I was a PA-S, without the cheating part. It was messy, chaotic, and eventually concluded with Academic Probation. Now, is anyone worth being on academic probation for? Not only that, but it's on your records forever. Your best "revenge" is to succeed. Who wants to be with a slobbering mess with a broke paycheck? But a lot of people want to be with a sexy, successful PA...so get back in the game and show off that you are a beast meant to succeed in the medical field. It also helps to listen to motivational videos.....feel free to message me as I've felt alone during that part of my life too.
  8. I would say "I don't know but I'll look it up" and then proceed to look it up in front of them - it bought some time and showed them I wanted to learn . Or you can be genuine and state "You know, I don't feel good about learning things this way - can we try a more productive less anxiety producing way?" Then I would speak with a faculty member before it gets out of hand. Because truth be told, once you get your license and start practicing, you're a professional just like them. You both bleed the same - no need to be scared about another person who attempts to belittle you. I haven't retained anything from being pimped but I sure remember lots when I was treated like an equal. It's your future on the line - don't let someone be in control of that. Talk back to them the way you would any other professional. Stop being scared. Express yo self! As for memorizing, I think that's your downfall. If you don't grasp the information now, you'll have a hard time studying/passing the PANCE.
  9. Personal experience here: expungement means NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. It means you will look deceptive and feel like a POS when you don't disclose your personal past and you get "caught lying." I was told by a state licensing board that when it comes to teachers and medical professionals, they can see any, and all, expungement records. Don't even bother going through the process/paying for expungement process - it means nothing because it will ALWAYS be on your records. Not only that, then you have to deal with the fact that you now appear to be deceiving the board - which means an investigation into "possible fraud in order to obtain a license will commence and to see what legal actions will now be taken against you." Again - expungement means diddly squat. This was for a non drug/benign charge from over 10 years ago...However, if you want to do non medical careers, then by all means, get your records expunged. I would call your state board and explain your situation - see what they say.
  10. Sed, I loved locums work. I am going back into the private sector after landing my dream job. Neurosurg was where I wanted to be after graduation but due to lack of experience, I had to work in Primary Care. The job presented itself a few months back and I had no shame - so I applied, was offered the job, and am waiting for an AK license now. When I did locums, I saw many providers that affirms the negative stigma. You can say I'm one of them - lack of experience. I worked wherever I could and the totality of my experiences (Primary Care, Urgent Care, ER) was what attracted my employer to offer me the surgery job...
  11. 6oo6le

    Alaska interest

    Hello there! I'm currently awaiting my AK license....it is now on it's 4th month and still no words. I am literally climbing the wall.
  12. I know what you're talking about and I agree there's that stigma. For me, I worked locums for the past 2-3 years because I personally hated the private sector. Locums provide me with the quality of life I was looking for post grad. I had no problem landing my current job in neurosurg with my locums background.
  13. 6oo6le

    Looking for jobs in Alaska

    I found my current one through my school's post grad job postings. The new job will be in Fairbanks actually....just the process of getting an AK license is a nightmare.

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