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  1. Really really really hoping they haven’t made all the calls yet ! I’m freaking out! But congrats that’s amazing @gbrown33 and @SSBeth !!
  2. Does anyone know if all invites for Sept. 13th have been sent out or if more people will get invites next week?
  3. For those flying in for interviews, what airport are you flying into? McAllen?
  4. If anyone gets accepted this week from the first interview session can you mention it in your post! Thanks!
  5. Is everyone who received a rejection letter of Oklahoma residence? Or did anyone out of state also get one yesterday?
  6. Oh great! Thanks! I’ve heard mixed opinions about portfolios. That people have brought them and never used them. Did you use yours at all during your interview?
  7. Hey guys what are you bringing to the interview tomorrow? Do you think a water bottle is necessary? Since we will be touring campus and all. Plus I get super thirsty when I’m nervous lol
  8. Just received an email saying that my application will be further reviewed for interview consideration! CASPA verified May 17th and I can't find the email of when I submitted my supplemental app but very shortly after I was verified.
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