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  1. I also received my 2nd "still in review" email. I have no idea what that means...does anyone know if they have sent out any rejections yet? When I went to their open house this summer they said they only did 4 interviews with the last one in December. I know it says through January on their website, so I'm confused. I have a friend who applied the last cycle and said she did not get a rejection until the end of January (she did not get an interview). I'm wondering if they just send them all out at once.
  2. I am still waiting to hear something and the last email I received said mine was "still in review" on 7/19. I believe there is one more round of invites going out for the last interview in December. It seems like they go out about a month in advance and are typically sent on a Wednesday. I'm guessing they will be sent out this week or next, but we will see. Good luck!

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