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  1. So was the 2nd and 3rd their only interview date? I am a non CMU alum and I haven't heard a peep since I got the confirmation email that my application was complete.
  2. In the email I received this morning, I could choose from 8 available slots out of 120. So I assume that means they are interviewing 120 applicants. Also to my fellow alternate listers who didn't receive the news they hoped for today - don't give up! Another program I applied to didn't extend an invitation to me until their 5th or 6th round of interviews. I've received a mixture of waitlists and denials from other schools as well. Bad news from one school isn't the end of it, you'll hear good news soon enough! Keep perserving and if you want it bad enough, you WILL become a PA one day ?
  3. From the alternate list and just received an invite to interview tomorrow!
  4. I submitted my app the same day the supplemental was sent out and I still have not heard anything
  5. Congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats?
  6. Any idea if they send them all at once or can we expect more invites to go out later this week? I am also a non alum but have not heard anything.
  7. I received this email on 8/1 and still haven't heard anything
  8. bussine3

    2018/2019 Cycle

    I just received my acceptance call ??
  9. Also on the alternate list for GR
  10. I laughed too hard at this only because it pretty much sums up how I've been feeling this entire application cycle ? I have faith in us though!!
  11. Just received my rejection email. It stated that all interview spots have been filled.
  12. bussine3

    2018/2019 Cycle

    Does anyone have any idea how many seats are filled and how many are still open?
  13. So if I haven't received anything, is it safe to assume I don't have an interview?
  14. bussine3

    2018/2019 Cycle

    I just received the invitation yesterday evening, to interview on those days. In the email it said that the class was almost completely seated so a majority of the offers will be waitlist.
  15. bussine3

    2018/2019 Cycle

    I just received an invitation to interview October 16th and 17th!!!

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