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  1. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    @albae with the inside scoops. I'm here for them lol
  2. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    Received acceptance today also... and man has a weight been lifted off my shoulders. All glory to God. Interviewed 10/10
  3. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    (Sigh) I guess we really have to wait all the way to the 31st
  4. prince17

    Meharry School of Medicine

    No not yet. After June they will decide.
  5. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    Happy New Year guys
  6. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    What did the email say?
  7. Obviously, I received some wrong information guys. I apologize. I just received an email that my application is still on hold but I wanted to throw something in the air here... Seeing that the class begins in January, I am thinking that they didn't want to to be a disservice to people who don't live relatively close to the area. If they have another interview in the coming weeks. That would mean you would have probably less than a month to get all your records/ background check/ transcripts in. As well as find an apartment in a safe location and pack up all yourself in your current location and be settled in to be ready for class at the start of January, which is intense.
  8. I hope I'm wrong, honestly. This is just what I was told by faculty in the info session yesterday.
  9. Yeah so if you didn't get an email for an interview yet. They already sent out the last one for next Friday. So next cycle it is champs.
  10. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    Lol no he's right. She said around 800+ showed interest, around 200+ were verified and so on
  11. prince17

    Morehouse PA Program

    It wasn't bad at all. There was a little rain but sunny for the most part. In case anyone was wondering the next interview day will be Nov. 10. good luck to you all.
  12. If you call and ask that you would like to " To know where you stand on the wait list s they will put you through someone who will tell you
  13. Waitlisted too? but congrats to everyone who was accepted!
  14. Good luck today everyone and let us know how it goes and what you guys think!

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