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  1. There are plenty of online resources for writing an effective personal statement. Good luck!
  2. Got an interview for March 4th too, but I won't be attending it. Good luck to everyone else who is still looking for schools!
  3. I cancelled my interview since I decided to go to a different school. Hopefully someone else will get the interview spot!
  4. My app has been under review and "with the admissions committee" since the very beginning of June. I have had many interviews at other schools I have applied to. Is anyone else in this same position? I don't plan on attending if offered, but I wish I would hear back in a timely manner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Received an invitation to interview so everyone heads up! On January 18th if anyone is curious
  6. I believe that they send out invites more or less all in one time frame (which my best guess is today). Other than that, most schools look at applications in the order they were submitted rather than last name. I assume that is why you are asking so I hope this helps! I submitted my app for this school in June I believe.
  7. Just received an invitation to interview in early January! Unsure if I will attend, but those emails are probably going out today for everyone so heads up!
  8. Has anyone gotten rejected post-interview? I cancelled my interview in October, and it seems like a lot of people are getting in quickly?
  9. There is no initial deposit for accepting a spot in the future class. You don't really have anything to lose, so might as well check out this program because it is obviously a great school!
  10. I wouldn't take it too personally. I applied last day of July, and I think applying that late is a huge disadvantage. Keep your chin up! I also haven't heard back ?
  11. Hello everyone, I wanted to create a group thread discussing the potential pros/cons of pursuing the PA/MPH route! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the new dual degree program.
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